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Published: 03 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is very patheitc and theft to me. First, myUSBANKcorporaterewards sells these cards ONLY to businesses or corporations to give to their employees etc. The only reason they give them is on a “Loyalty, Award or Promotional basis”. Here is the exact verbiage from their own F.A.Q. part of their web site: “What is the U.S. Bank Rewards Card and how is it used? The U.S. Bank Rewards Card is a prepaid card issued by U.S. Bank National Association that is loaded with value and given to you as authorized and determined solely by an organization on a loyalty, award or promotional basis. The U.S. Bank Rewards Card cannot be purchased by a general consumer.” It is a debit card purchased ahead of time sometimes in the thousands and preloaded by a company, in my case, a third party company that uses them to reward sales reps for selling their products. It states specifically that “is loaded with value and given to you as authorized and determined SOLELY by an organization…” That means to me that USBANK does NOT have the right to adjust, change or determine a different value as the 3rd party company has already paid for that card. On June 20, 2013, I received a batch drop of $325.00 into a debit card. This was a reward for working extremely hard and EARNING this. When I earned this, it didn’t come with a warning that I had to “Use it or Lose it”. It congratualted me, in fact, the card has a great BIG “THANKS” written across the front of it. It says it’s a rewards card on the top right. I believe all of it until just recently. I had earned several of these reward cards around the same time and I cant use all of them at once. I last used this card in May 2014 and now it is September. I was in 7-11 buying some food and the card was declined! We all know how that feels to begin with, the shame of a card being declined but here I am in 7-11 on a Powerball day and the line is growing and I am asking him to please try again! Eventually I pull out my credit card and it approves in a second. I run out of the store embarrassed as no one knows it was a gift card but me and I am wondering WHY??? I know I had money left on there. So I get home and go online and lo and behold . . . they start debiting the account with . . administrative fees? What have they done administratively? An it supposedly is supposed to happen after 12 months but unfortunately mine they did after 11 months and 11 days so they broke their own rules if they even try to go there. So really they owe me money for those 19 days they stole mine and I’ll let them off the hook by returning the 2 months of fees they stole. Yes, After I go to see that I actually have terms & conditions on a reward ‘I’ won, supposedly ‘cash’ for me to spend as ‘I’ like (see the ‘I’ in there, not the administrators!!). I think this is a huge scam and being my company probably buys 10,000 of these cards, I wonder if they even know they are getting scammed this way. Did I forget to mention I worked for a fortune 500 company? Now my amount is less than $5.00 and I do want that returned to me but I doubt I will get it. I did have a really nice customer service guy tell me there was no way it was going to happen but then he felt badly for me so he wrote a note (supposedly, I never saw it truthfully but he said he did) and told me that if they were going to return the money to the account, it would be there in the morning. It wasn’t. So instead, I will post this so that others wont have to have their hard earned rewards STOLEN from them from my US Bank Corporate Rewards as I did. I’m going to write the 3rd party company that buys these to give us and tell them to find a better company as well.

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