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Be warned I don’t recommend them.

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Published: 31 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

What a negative experience one of my friend together with her wife had with the vape shop. They claimed to be the worst vape shop they have ever been to before. It wasn’t that easy for them to let me know of their experience until the time I told them I needed a coil, that’s when they told me about it otherwise they could have not since they never liked talking about it. They never recommended it to me due to the experience they had. I thought it was necessary for me to share it with you maybe it might help you in your future decisions that you will be making so as not to experience the same from them. It happened that like a month ago they wanted to purchase a coil. By that time they heard about the vape shop that was highly recommended in their area and considered amongst the best in terms of how they handled their customer more so on their services at large. They got convinced hence decided to go give them a shot. According to me, I think for this sort of upcoming vaping businesses, the place should be bright, the staffs should be very friendly with their customers while interacting with them, they should be courteous and more so they should be very welcoming while dealing with the customers. Unfortunately, this was not the case with the vape shop. My friend together with her wife walked into the place and received no greeting at all. They never bothered much about that and they did greet them by themselves. Afterward, they asked one of the staff there for a certain size I can’t recall it exactly. The staff responded to them telling them that it didn’t exist. Due to that, the staff told them to use another size because it was being used by other people. This is what annoyed them the most since they felt like being made stupid when they were trying to purchase their choice. They asked for the price, you can’t imagine the staff shouted at them rudely and also about the warranty of the product. They never liked it although they made payments and left the place in disgust. The staff had bad attitudes. Unfortunately like 3 weeks later the coil stopped working, they had to return it since it was such a short time they taught they could be assisted more so it had a warranty of 12 months of which the period had not ended yet. After speaking the customer care the staff told them it will be replaced since it had warranty of 12 months and they were handed over to his assistant to deal with them, they ended up regretting why they were handed over to the assistant because he was very rude and could not understand the concept of customer service completely. To cut the long story short they lied and never delivered their replacement. Later they were warned not to call and harass them at all for their good. To be honest it is the worst vape shop where customers are treated wrongly without bothering them. Up to date they still regret why they had purchased from them that coil because it was just a loss to them.

I believe by me sharing this to you I have just saved others from the same frustration my friend and her wife went through.

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