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The hike wasn’t satisfying nor what I paid for.

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Published: 29 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The Wildland Trekking Company is for the adventurous to experience different parts of the world. I wanted to experience a different part of the world to adventure with friends.

I did not have an enjoyable time at The Wildland Trekking Company. Their choice of the tour guide wasn’t up to our expectations. Knowledge of the place and to make our trip enjoyable and educational did not come from our guide.

There wasn’t much explained about the trails and I doubted the guide’s help while on the trail.

Difficult and insecure hikes, the knowledgeable guide made the start of the trip a less confident and unpleasant one. The less experienced guide was not talkative and continued the trails looking at maps. A rushed adventure wasn’t doing us any fun and did not give us time to observe our surroundings and to enjoy the trails.

All-day hikes are fun when you have people to walk you through the adventure and explain about the surroundings in detail. The Wildland Trekking Company sent us an inexperienced guide, and he did not try to make our trip adventurous and exciting!

I did not feel the guide could manage the trails.

A day out in the wild and nothing much of an adventure trip.

Our guide lacked interest in the hiking trails.

The area we ate at was not pleasant and there was no spot for a barbecue.

I spotted plants and trees and enjoyed a bit of the trip. The whole trip was not what I had expected from an expensive package at The Wildland Trekking Company.

The campground was not clean and no level ground to make our site pleasant. I cooked and talked about the trip. The guide wasn’t pleasant and informative.

Untrained guide, unpleasant, not knowledgeable, lack of interest of trails, bad customer’s service, and no assistance to make our trip a great one. The guide looked like he is new to trail adventures.

The guide had not much of a clue as to how to follow a map.

On trails, I did not feel safe and in a strange place, couldn’t feel relaxed and calm about the noises of animals on the trail to eat lunch at the campground.

A guide service included in the package deal sounds great, but I did not feel that way on The Wildland Trekking Company.

I expected the guide to tell stories of the place, to inform us of the history and to give me the value for what I paid. Unfortunately, I did not get that from The Wildland Trekking Company. However, the trip was not exciting or entertaining from everything I experienced.

I joined the hiking tour for best results in adventures at The Wildland Trekking Company. I realized after the unpleasant experience of having an inexperienced guide was no best choice and do not recommend The Wildland Trekking Company, for an inexperienced guided tour. The lack of facilities on the campground and for the lack of interest I got from the tour guide. I was disappointed in the day tour and will not book again with the unprofessional company.

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