The Willough at Naples


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Published: 05 April 2019

Posted by: mark

Go any other place BUT The Willough at Naples. It is nothing but a run down and they really need some serious cleaning and maintenance. The paint is chipping off the walls and ceilings, it is totally unhygienic and there are DOZENS OF THEIVES here. Never bring anything precious or expensive at this place, or you are defiantly going to lose it. I left my shirt by the pool and after 5 minutes when I returned, it was already stolen.

If you think this is enough, then you are going to be very shocked. Having sex on the premises is totally normal and clients are often seen sucking each other off. There was a woman giving oral sex to an old guy literally in front of the building and no one gave a single FUCK.

AVOID GETTING INJURED HERE, these guys are not going to provide you with ANY medical help or even send you to the hospital. They don’t want to ruin their “reputation” and would rather watch you bleed to death. The behaviour of the nurses is unbearably bad. They humiliate the clients and almost never follow the orders given to them by the doctors present. The clients are not given their prescribed medications on time.

The hygiene of this place is going to make you vomit. All the beds in this hospital have bugs and no one seems to care about it. They don’t give a fuck about the health and wellness of their clients, and they only want the money in their pocket.

I am pretty sure that nurses of this hospital are poorly paid, as their behaviour is really unethical. They don’t follow HIPAA and discuss the conditions of the clients IN FRONT of all the other clients. If you had a drinking problem then they are just going to make it worse by their behaviour and treatment. Many clients leave The Willough at Naples in a worse condition than before. The Nurses like to humiliate and demotivate the clients and no one pays any attention to the well-being of the clients.
If you call the admins, they aren’t going to pick up the phone because they will be too busy fucking the clients.

The staffs take advantage of female clients and force them to have sex with them. It makes me sad that such pigs exist who rape mentally unfit people just for their pleasures.

Please don’t go to The Willough at Naples. Any other place is going to be better than this hell hole. I was traumatized by my experience here, and all I want to do is to tell people the reality of The Willough at Naples so no one makes the mistake I made. Share this post and make sure that your loved ones don’t have to go through this. This facility has tortured many people and they hid this reality from the world for a long time. They should be brought to justice by the government!

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