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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I recently bought a Greyhound because I have shifted abroad and here I have no one to accompany when I am alone. Therefore I decided to buy a dog to fulfill my needs, they are always loyal to their owner and so was my dog, but due to my busy schedule and overtime work I was not able to spend a lot of time with my pet, he was left alone in the house while I used to work overtime in my office, therefore I decided to get him admitted to the WOOF Dog Daycare & Boarding so that he could spend his time with the other animals during my absence.
I made an appointment with one of the staff members of the place and went along to the place to get my pet registered. I was welcome by the staff member whom I had a call with, he was very good to me at first but as soon as I started asking questions about the lifestyle of other dogs and their habitats for living he started getting annoyed and went away giving excuses. My pet was admitted to the health care center and now I could be tension free about my pet.
It was only two days when I noticed a bruise at the back of his stomach, this startled me and I went back to WOOF Daycare to know what the matter was all about, they denied the fact that the dog has been hit by someone here, they tried to give me relief by giving excuses that the dog had a mark there since birth. I noticed the behavior of my dog for the past few days and it was quite a change when I saw him sleeping all the time he was with me, he was getting lazy and weaker day by day. I complained about the strange health change of my dog to the manager to which he said that it’s not their fault. I was very much disturbed and saddened to see the health of my dog decreasing day by day. He was not at all interacting with any of us.
Once I went to the health care center without informing so that I could check what’s going on in here. I went to the food counter because I had researched the symptoms of getting weak and lazy. One of the main reason was because of stale and expired food. As soon as I entered the room I picked up a packet of dog food and when I approached to see the expiry date the smell of it was stopping me, it was not bearable. Somehow I checked the date and found out that it has expired a long time ago. I immediately complained about it to the head office, they were shocked and had no answer for the same. They again started making excuses and tried to change the topic but by this time I was out of the health care center along with my dog. I feel so sorry for my dog that he had to survive on expired products. If you simply don’t care about your pets then you can send them right here because the WOOF dog health care center are expert at making the health of the dog worse.

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