The Yacht Club of Aventura

I don’t think it’s a good place to visit.

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Published: 25 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My family did a big mistake by choosing this place for our stay. The staff was careless and the place was lacking all the basic facilities. I strongly advise you to go someplace else where the staff is professional and the people are caring. This place is just a hellhole and nothing else.
My family decided to visit this hotel though it was not one. It was a private residence and I got to find out about this when I reached there because it is a private residence and people rent a unit to spend some time. I was there during the Easter holidays and this place was going crazy. I came here to spend some quality time with my family but turned out this was a madhouse because I have never seen so many rude and obnoxious people. We couldn’t even sleep the whole night because the kids out there were jumping off the edge and screaming from the top of their lungs. One night there was a religious group who had a Passover dinner outside around the pool and they were singing so loud that they were disturbing others. The security guard also came and asked them to stop it but they didn’t, because this is a private residence and not a hotel and they try to mislead people by misquoting it. Well, as it was private residence so there are no hotel services available and the management office also refuses to cooperate as they only work with the hotel owners and they refused to solve any issues we were having. Our unit was poorly furnished and it had awful toilets which ran the whole time we were there. We could not get anyone to fix it. We also tried to contact the rental guy who rented this place to us but he never replied to us. The yacht club was so disturbing and we could not sleep all the time we spent there because there was a dog in the balcony who continuously barks day and night which made the whole vacation miserable for us. I should have been told that this is not a hotel but only a private residence place. All I got was disappointment from there and I would never like to visit this place again. From the start I was lied to about the place I rented, seems like these type of properties are only trying to make their money from the people. The first mistake which I made was not to research this place, if I had done enough research I should have known that this place is not a hotel but only private residential property. Altogether this was a very bad experience and I would not like to recommend it to anyone because it is all a waste of time and money so if you have ample amount of money and you wish to spend it then you can surely spend on this kind of trashy places.

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