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Published: 27 January 2019

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Zip Nada Zilch ( is SCAM! Beware of Zip Nada Zilch, ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash. All of these affiliate marketing web sites are scams and many people are getting scammed by these scammers. Here is my negative experience with Zip Nada Zilch: I signed up for this shameful company and I lost my investment of $200 when I signed up to their “special offers” that eventually cost me money. $200 for 2 small bottles is a rip off. On top of that, I quickly realized that this business is a “vulture business” one in which you are encouraged to prey on the poor and unemployed. This company works for corporations helping them market their outrageously over priced, useless products to hopeless people who are desperate to find a way to make ends meet in this bad economy. Most of these products are skin creams, credit reports, books, lottery games and other useless, over priced products. For example, the skin cream company charged me up to $200 for just 2 tiny bottles. Zip Nada Zilch encourages people to buy these products, but the catch is if you don’t cancel on your credit card you get charged OUTRAGEOUSLY HIGH FEES. How can this be considred a decent, honest life changing business? Most Internet web sites on the Internet market beautiful stories about ZIP NADA ZILCH, but these people aren’t going to tell you the truth—because they are only interested in making their COMMISSION from zip nada zilch. They get paid $20 every time some fool buys their over priced, useless products. You see, this is nothing but a PONZI SCHEME, where the “greater fools” keep signing up, and the people who got in first get paid the big bucks. They tell you they make $800 a week, so this way they can convince more “greater fools” to sign up. I can’t believe so many people believe this scam. Is this what the great United States has come to? People profitting from other people’s growing credit card debts? (from these expensive, useless gimmicks). What ever happened to the nation that manufactured useful goods and exported to the whole world? Now we have an economy over run by these spineless, useless companies like ZIP NADA ZILCH that contribute NOTHING to the health of our economy, on the contrary, they make our economy worse by ripping off unemployed, desperate people and making their credit card bills balloon up once they sign up for these usless, over priced gimmicks. Do yourself a favor, look for a real job that contributes positveness to our society, and don’t waste your money on shameful internet marketing scams like zip nada zilch that prey on the desperation of out of work Americans. And watch out for those ads on “craigslist” telling you, that you can make $80 a day with “znz one.” Will you make $80 a day ripping off other Americans? Or will you find a good job that helps make our nation the great nation it ONCE was when Americans where more honest with each other

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