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Published: 13 April 2019

Posted by: Dina Iacuessa

As I a loyal customer of Hudson Bay Company, I was very upset with the service I received in the shoe dept. of The Bay, Anjou on July 30, 2018. First, I tried to make a payment on an outstanding balance on my credit card with the use of a previous statement as reference and was denied for your statement does not provide the full credit card number. THE REASON I DID NOT USE MY CREDIT CARD IS THAT IT WAS STOLEN AND REPORTED MISSING SEVERAL WEEKS BEFORE. The clerk name Bianca tried to find with the use of the cash register but was unsuccessful. (NICE GESTURE). When I asked about the ongoing sale, I was informed by the said clerk that all shoes with a red dot had an extra 50% rebate. This comment was made in the presence of her male colleague. as Great, I was excited to buy and when looking around unfortunately all the shoes I liked they did not have my size. I was told by the male sales clerk to call the credit dept. and get the full credit card number to make my payment. The next day, I called the credit dept. and was told that I needed to return to the store, ask the clerk to call the credit dept. and have a piece of ID handy for only at that time would they reveal the full credit card number to the clerk and not to me the card holder (WEIRD). So later that day, on July 31, 2018 I returned to The Bay, Anjou after an exhausting day of work to do as the credit card associate had instructed me. The clerk in the shoe dept.( the same as the male of the previous day) did not know the number( ill -prepared and uninformed). I furnished him a number I found on a previous credit card statement and I finally made a payment. Next, I looked around looked around at your sales and was delighted to find several pairs (6 in fact) with a red dot on their box. I was ecstatic. When I went to the cash register to pay for my purchases, the male clerk said that he did not know how to process the sale items with the extra 50 percent. He left to go in the backroom only to return and to inform me that these shoes were not apart of the extra 50% sale even thought they had(I) a red dot on the box like Bianca, the other sales clerk of the previous day, had said and as indicated by the small sign displayed on a shoe rack. When I was reminded him of what Bianca had said, he hesitated but said that there was nothing he could do. I explained that I was a former manager at Home Depot and that I know the a customer that is wrongly informed by an employee of the said store (witness present), the customer has the right to purchase the products as indicated by the sales clerk. It is the law (EXACTITUDE DU PRIX). The male salesclerk called a manager called Maria to know how to proceed for he seemed clueless, and unaware of the law. The Manager then attempted to explain the mistake by saying that Bianca was wrong and that she was sorry but there was no thing she could do. WRONG. In this case, the manager should have been aware of the consumer protection law and allowed me to make my purchases as told by Bianca and the written sign displayed on the shoe rack in the store. Instead She did neither other than say sorry but the salesclerk should have known better. Again I as a customer am not responsible for your staff willing ill-prepared, not properly trained and misinformed. I left extremely upset for I received POOR POOR service, and wasted my valuable time (2 hours in fact) trying to buy shoes and resolving issues that were not of my concern. Thus, at The Bay, Anjou, THE CUSTMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT, AND THE SALESCLERK (THE BAY REPRESENTATIVE)IS EVEN WHEN THEY GIVE OUT WRONG/ INCORRECT INFORMATION. THE CUSTMER IS THE ONE WHO PAYS THE PRICE IN WASTED TIME AND MONEY. POOR POOR SERVICE and NOT RESPECTFUL of THE CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW – THE PRICE POLICY. Have pics as proof but don”t know how to download from cellphone. As a resolution, I would like for the law to be applied and be allowed to purchase the 6 pair of shoes at the price they should have been accorded.

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