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Published: 05 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I tried my best for find a physical address for this company and it was almost impossible. I was able to find a websute and they have an instagram account. @theory_comm. What ever u see on there is a LIE. Dont believe it. Tgey first will say they’re located in California but they are actually in ATL. they will lie and say they are located or close to where u live at. And of course they charge a fee. When agencies are supposed to take a dee out of your pay. They lie about their clients and have just opened this year. They buy followers on instagram to look better but yet they are not established nor are they nationally recognized. They are making up fake flyers about how these huge music and entertainment stars are going to be there but its not true. I have even seen them make flyers about A_list celebrities and tag them to the photo and several times the artist was NOT there and posted things to show us that it was a lie!! Then they might erase the flyer if it’s not too embarrassing. They have one person on their team who u can recognize but thats it. I have seen a girl who they try to make ppl believe that shes a star but shes no one. Everything on this girls pages are lies and she also buys followers they do it together. They lie together the agency even posts false advertisement about this girl who I personally know for a fact is living a lie. They call each other and plan what to say online and hash tag everything when we all know its not true at all. They post fraudulent flyers about celebrity appearances and these same celebs are on the other side of the country at the time. They photo shop pics and use pictures of the girl where she has run into stars who she does not really know or only met a once or twice and makes it seem like she’s flying around the world with them and shes not. She doesn’t do anything but lie and she is living a lie. I personally would never let this company represent me in any way shape or form bc if they’ll lie to their clients, the public, and on their websites they will lie about anything. They are the type to send u out on an assignment and nobody will show up or its nothing like what they told u it would be. But u won’t find out until you’re stuck and already there. Do Not to business with them. I have seen thede kinds of agencies before so I know what kind of people these are. Its all lies.

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