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Published: 05 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was interestd in getting my daughter into the entertainment business and have been actively looking for representation. I came across an instagram page by the name of “theory communication” it looked interesting but I was iffy because I had never heard of this company before. Most of the jobs that they promise or advertise seem fake! So I did some research and unfortunately I was correct. They dont come thru on anything they say they can on their website. I also read another report on your complaint site and it was true. I asked around theory communications has this same girl who I read about lying to everyone. I have heard also that the girl is not apart or anything that theory communications posts on their web site or instagram page. I am seeing that the girl I think her name is pamela is signing with these big artists when in fact she pays for expensive flights around the United states on her own when she finds out where certain celebrities will be she stalks them and waits for them to take pictures then she gives them to theory communication and tells them to post whatever she says just because she has these pictures with the celebrities that she stalks. Its not right for them to advertise like this. I just saw where she is saying shes doing songs with artists when she just finding or buying the tracks and saying shes working with them when its the same as being featured on a “mixtape” anybody can do it. But this company fabricates everything. I also saw where they are saying that this same girl ms. pamela has tshirts but she doesn’t its all a lie its a big exaggeration she makes the shirts herself. She buys followers no one knows this girl for her to have a quarter million followers its a joke and a big lie. She creates these illiusions and fake pictures and songs that will never get released. Now the company is saying that rap star rick ross is making a picture that looks like it might be her as his album cover. Its lies and madness its also very dishonest. Theory Communications is using this false advertising to draw more clients in to take their money they post these ridiculous pictures and makes people believe that this girl is a huge star when she hasn’t done any work at all they draw fake pictures and say that its a tattoo of her face its a complete lie she pays people. Pamela also buys her own clothes and then gets them posted on the designers page as if they gave it to her. It’s not true and its morally wrong because money can’t buy everything. This company is so fake dont ever believe anything they say on their page I don’t trust them and my beautiful daughter will not be a client of theirs. I dont want my talented daughter to get taken advantage of and we’re not rich we can’t afford to pay a large fee in exchange for lies and exaggerated stories. I want the best for my daughter and this unrecognizable company is far from the best. Dont fall for it!! I plan on exposing them online one day. I might buy followers as well just to show as many people as I can how fake this is.

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