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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

You want to grow in faith, want to help the people of the creator, and you are thinking to join the thirst mission for this purpose than you are making a mistake. I was very excited when I learned about the organization and was waiting for the day impatiently to become a part of this mission. This organization arranges short mission trips to Alaska, Puerto Rico, Texas Gulf Coast, and Belize and their mission is to help the people. I was not hoping that this mission will be full of difficulties. They were responsible for taking care of each and everything on the mission trip. I reached the mission’s office on the day of departure. I sat there and met with my fellows on the mission trip. They told me that 2 members of the organization are coming with us on the trip while the thirst mission told us before that 4 members of their organization will be part of the mission. However, we left. When we landed in Alaska and came out of the airport, we were surprised to see that there was no car to pick us up. After waiting for an hour, a bus came to pick us up. After that, we checked in the hotel.
From the next day, our mission was officially started. We have done breakfast and our task was to meet the locals and interact with them. But once again I was shocked when I came to know that there is no conveyance available to take us to the location. We walked around half an hour to reach our destination. We met with the locals and communicate. In the afternoon, we were given the tasks of repairing the building and I was frustrated to see that there were no facilities, no tools, and no equipment available for us. When we asked that from the members of the mission, they told us that they were arranging all the stuff. In the arrangement of the stuff, around half day was washed out and we were not able to finish our task on time. On next day, we started our work from where we left. The days we spent there, we faced many difficulties due to the lack of management and planning. We were able to do more work and can help more people but unfortunately, because of the bad management, we were restricted to limited work. Our days were hectic and the most terrible thing was to wait for the things we required to perform our work. Although we told them a day before that we need these things tomorrow but then too we had to wait. We were excited that in the end we will get some extra time to do hiking and will explore the natural beauty of this astonishing land but it was in our dreams only. At one stage, all of us were sitting, discussing and were worried about the accomplishment of our work. It seems that we will not be able to finish our tasks even in the given time. Based on my experience with the thirst mission, I will not recommend you to become a part of this. Search for other better options and become a part of the best ones.

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