Three County Fair

Someone call PETA!

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Published: 19 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The shows and entertainment at the three county fair is a disaster, it wasn’t enjoyment but a chaotic experience. Nothing’s organized and the food and rides sucked too. This new Three County Fair was trending a lot nowadays and upon insisting for a week, mom and dad agreed upon going for the “Rhinestone Cow Girls Trick Horse Show” held at the fair. According to the news, this show was the centre of attention and people from the surrounding cities made sure to pay a visit on the weekends to enjoy the show. This show was designed a way that third-generation professional entertainers & horse trainers showcased their trained horses featuring Trick, Liberty, and Dancing horses. We decided to go on Sunday as that was the only free day we had. We went there a bit early at 4 for the 5.30 show so we could explore the fair on the whole. Upon entering we were shocked to see the huge crowd, it seemed like the whole city had been gathered here. The children were running here and there and the songs were played in full volume in the background. Standing at the entrance I could see different types of rides making people of every age enjoy.
The way people were coming over one another and pushing each other to make way for themselves made me feel claustrophobic. I silently prayed that the place where the Horse Show is planned would be organized with people sitting on chairs rather than jumping over each other to get that perfect view. I kept looking at the watch till it struck 5.30 because standing for me in that crowd with each passing minute becoming a pain. Finally, at 5.20 we made our way towards the tall castle-like walled doors to enter a place that looked pretty calm with lesser people all sitting in their places excited for the show to begin. It was almost 5.40 and still no signs of the show, on inquiring we were told to wait just a few more minutes and the show will start. To our surprise at 6.00 p.m. what looked like the manager or the organizer announced that the show has been cancelled due to two girls not showing up. We were shocked that how is this even possible, something that has been planned cannot be called off so easily. My dad reached out to the manager to talk about it but he kept shouting that I don’t want to answer anyone which was quite rude. We got up disappointed and made our way towards the exit gate when I requested to go to the “BABY BARNYARD” as all my life I had been very much attracted to baby animals and I had heard it is good at this fair. We walked towards inside and the smell in the environment made us feel like puking that very moment. The baby animals were being mishandled in a way that looked heartbreaking to even see. They were not letting them drink water just because of the thought that managing waste would be a problem, I came to know this when I saw one of the baby lamb trying to drink water dripping from the Air Conditioner and on this act of his he was forcefully picked up and literally like thrown to where other lambs were and the moment he hit the ground he left himself helpless and didn’t get up, I pray that he doesn’t die.
Going there should be a straight NO because the people that handle animals in this way and are so unprofessional should be banned and the fair shouldn’t be promoted. I plan on complaining at the customer complaint number because the staff was too rude to pay attention to what I was saying when I tried to explain my point, I just hope they listen to what I say on the call.

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