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Published: 28 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

NEVER use this company, unless you are a glutten for nightmarish situations. In order to keep this letter as brief as possible, I will list, in sequential order, my grievances. Please note that the following can be officially proven with receipts, emails, photos and other proof. In late November 2013, I entered into a lease agreement for the property at 3400 81st Place SE in Mercer Island. In our agreement, it was written that I would pay a monthly rent of $5497.20 and in return, 3KPM would warrant the property as habitable and perform normal functions to oversee the livability of the home (we obviously have that in writing). TF/3KPM has grossly underperformed. Not only have NONE of the below been resolved, but now that our family has come to the end of our rope and been forced to break our lease, this company is withholding deposit and threatening to bring action against my credit! During the last week of Nov ’13, a walk-thru was performed with Patty the representative of both TF & 3KPM and was assured the house was ready to move in, even though my wife questioned an unplugged major mechanical in the home and was assured it was nothing and all was in working order. On Nov 27, ’13 my family moved in to discover immediately that there was NO HEAT and NO HOT WATER working anywhere in the house. Note this was WINTER. We promptly notified TF/3KPM and there was no heat. However, heat was not restored to home for over 1 month! There were days it was so cold in the house, along with no hot water, that we were forced to stay with friends for days or when able, move to a hotel. There was NO compensation for our $5497.20 rent paid essentially for camping in a very large and fancy tent nor for our cost of shelter. The water heater was a drama until it was finally remedied on APRIL 2, 2014! From the end of November until April, I was forced to boil water on the stove to create hot water to bathe my 3 children. (Details below) To add insult to injury, we received emails from TF/3KPM implying that the 19 week delay to completely fix this issue was due to our travel schedule. This is a complete lie, and just a way for them to cover their tracks. Just after arriving, we notified them that we had plugged in that hot water heater whose cord was laying on the floor during the walk through. It had a terrible, overwhelmingly toxic smell coming from the machine. She told me to call the gas company again. The same advice she gave me regarding the nonworking heating system. So we brought in a repair man who reported that the system was giving off noxious fumes, and his carbon monoxide meter and other professional gauges to indicate danger registered so poorly that he immediately shut off the system and was only able to stay in the room for less than a minute himself. Obviously the house was dangerously uninhabitable. Again, we had to move out. Finally on Feb 2, ’14 we received a response email from TF/3KPM regarding the nightmare we were facing daily. They responded with an apology for their delayed response and in short offered us $500 for the over 2 months of heating and hot water problems, but most upsettingly handing us the key to a home they personally warrantied with a hot water system emitting deadly amounts of noxious gases primarily Carbon Monoxide. We were promised that we would be compensated for having to stay away from the home and that rent would be appropriately adjusted. TF/3KPM failed to follow through on this promise. On Feb 9, ’14 we now had a bug problem of flying, biting carpenter ants and other insects that we could not control by normal means! My kids were horrified to have their beds infested and all of us were covered with bites (we have numerous pictures). We urged TF/3KPM to promptly act. They called one company who was only available 10 days later and did not contact any other pest control companies to address this incredibly urgent matter. The bug problem kept getting worse. Finally on Feb 20, 3KPM’s fumigator arrived to “take a look”. They assessed there was a complete infestation that had obviously been in existence for a very long time, perhaps years, and in fact one of the worse he had seen in his career. He however, couldn’t come to fumigate until March 5. Again they did not try to call another company who’s schedule could accommodate a terrible infestation with a family already living in the home. When finally they came to actually take action on the problem, almost a month after, the technician informed us this would take at least THREE treatments over 3-4 months, a fact TF/3KPM withheld. They sprayed their bug poison assuring us that it would not affect humans and within 48 hours every member of our family had contracted terrible sinus infections! We emailed TF/3KPM asking for there not to be any further bug treatments unless we authorized it and were able to leave home for a few days. At the beginning of March, with the bug problem even worse, I emailed TF/3KPM and informed them that we were again leaving the house so that they could fumigate properly and put an end to our misery. When we returned home, we instead received an email stating we had requested TF/3KPM to wait until we got back in town for them to do anything. Again, this is a lie, proven with emails. Bug problem worsened. March 17, I emailed 3KPM stating if the bug problem could not be resolved with a week, they needed to consider this notice of our inability to live in this home. TF/3KPM promised compensation for us to once again move to a hotel while the house was treated again. No compensation received. On March 26, we received an email notifying us that they’ve decided they are in-fact not compensating us for the time we have not been able to use the house and our many inconveniences. When TF/3KPM finally sent out a repair company to replace the water heater, they left the carpets and rooms a disaster. I informed Patty by phone immediately and they promised if we got it all cleaned up, they would compensate our costs. True to form, they broke their promise and NONE has been given. On May 5, bug company came back for another treatment. 3KPM did not notify us as they would have to compensate us for a hotel again. As a result my 7 year-old-daughter was sent back to the doctor with a horrible head-to-toe rash from the poison! (we again sent pictures to TF/3KPM) Again no response from them. May 6, 3KPM emailed us to ask if we had a new problem with bugs, as if they didn’t know they had just one day earlier given authorization for the exterminators to spray our home. Once again, trying to cover their tracks “in writing” for any responsibility. We had had enough! We contacted TF/3KPM and gave notice that our stay in this home with a rent of $5497.20/month has been a complete disaster and we were no longer going to live here. Again they went silent. Over and over I have emailed and called TF/3KPM to request a conversation about being released from our lease agreement. To this day, there is no resolve. As if these offenses are not egregious enough, now that we have made arrangements to move, this company is now threatening me for breaking a lease agreement which they have not held up in any way! Even though they, in fact, owe me thousands in compensation, they are withholding the deposit of [$5500] as well as threatening to put a blot on my spotless credit, which is crucial for my personal business. I’m not sure how the people who run this company sleep at night.

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