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Published: 19 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

After finally being able to afford a newer vehicle, and retire my old undependable “hoopty”, I have found myself in sort of a used car purchase nightmare. I’m really hoping you could maybe help me get to the bottom of the many issues I have been having. May 16, 2015 I had purchased a used 2005 Chrysler 300 from Three Peaks Auto in Cedar City, UT . I paid $8200.00 for the vehicle and used cash and my debit card to pay it off in full at the time of purchase. I had saved and bought the car with my last two tax returns. This was a huge purchase for me as I am a recently single mother, surviving on mostly my SSDI checks each month due to a disability. I looked around for months before deciding on a sleek looking, gas efficient type of vehicle I had been interested in. I found one online advertised by Three Peaks Auto and after test driving it, made an offer on it. This particular dealership had advertised their “free 3 month/3000 mile warranty and roadside assistance” which is why I had decided to buy from a dealership as opposed to a private party. I was willing to pay a bit more for merely the piece of mind that I would be getting a good vehicle. The dealership and I had settled on a price of $8200.00 out the door; meaning tax, license, registration, etc. When it came down to the sales transaction, after I had already been binded into purchase, I had been told that unfortunately I would not be entitled to the “free warranty and roadside assistance” on this particular vehicle. They wanted me to pay $200 more dollars to get it. We negotiated the warranty/service contract price to $100 and they would match my $50 on it. I was in no way purchasing the vehicle without it and was forced to pay for it myself as it had not been honored as they had promised as well as advertised on the buyer’s guide for the car. This so called matched warranty payment had not been disclosed anywhere on the contract of sale paperwork or the warranty papers, being purposely disguised by the dealership; however, had been documented by the transaction on my debit card and in front of a witness of mine there during the transpire. Not even a mile away from the dealership after the purchase of the car, it started having serious and not to mention dangerous mechanical issues. I called the dealership-5/16, and they had said to bring the car in the following Monday as it was approaching the weekend. Come to find out it had been an existing electrical/PCM problem, according to both the salesman as well as the mechanic and not something my warranty/service contract would cover and an issue they had been previously unable to resolve for able the past 3 months or so; yet, failed to mention to me before or during my purchasing of the vehicle. I requested returning the vehicle as it had not conformed to what a used car is purchased to do-drive! My request had been declined repeatedly. The headlights and interior dash lights would flash on & off, the car would loose power and slow down while driving and several other issues were occurring making it very unsafe and undependable for my family, as well as the others on the road. They offered to look at the issue 5/19 & had ended up taking it to a bigger facility-Parkway Motors 5/20, to have the computer reset as it had been overcharging and affecting several components throughout the vehicle. They, the dealer holds that they had performed the service as a “good will service” and made someone sign so before allowed to pick up the car on 5/20. A day later it started doing the same malfunction and became dangerous and undrivable once again. 5/21 I had taken the car back and explained to the owner Jason that I needed the issue resolved as it had been exposed and admitted to me as an ongoing problem before selling it to me and that it had also been unsafe. I also notified him that it was a large cash purchase and therefore I would have to consider my other available options in trying to get the issue taken care of if he wouldn’t or refused to. He started screaming at me and telling me that the car had never had issues, and he didn’t have to do anything about it as it had been sold “as is”, and had been my problem not his or the dealerships. Well as he had been mistaken as the buyer’s guide had been marked with limited warranty and also a payment had been accepted for warranty as well. He then only reluctantly agreed that he would have the mechanic check it out. 5/22 they had to take it back to the bigger mechanic-Parkway Motors again, as they had been unable to resolve the issue at their facility, and it sat there at the mechanic lot for a week before it could be looked at. They-Parkway Motors said it was “most likely in need of a new computer” but needed it to register on their machine before the warranty or responsible party would cover a new one and could not get it to do so in the short time he had to test drive it. I was told 5/29 by the bigger place-Parkway Motors to take it and drive it and bring it in as soon as it started to act up again & they could scan it and attempt to repair the issue. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take the car back into the bigger place-Parkway Motors as the dealership I had purchased it from-per phone call 5/29, informed/reminded me that electrical would not be covered anyhow if it had been taken into Parkway for follow-up service. The issue had started to resolve itself for about a week and then it would do it every now and again and started having more serious issues again. It started spit-n-and sputter-n and stalling or close to it at stop lights and suddenly while driving. For the third time in barely a month 6/16/2014 I had to have the vehicle in to be repaired yet again to the dealership. This time it had costed me $124.55, not covered by warranty of course. A day after I picked it up, it started doing the same things and for the fifth time had to be taken in for repair on 6/23/2014 at the dealership, costing me another $249.22; another issue not covered under warranty. The day I picked it up 6/26 the car started doing the same thing and I had to call them upset and irritated, explaining to them I am disabled and had 2 young boys and being stranded without a vehicle had been causing us great harm, and asked them come pick it up from my house this time. A day later 6/27 the mechanic dropped it back off NOT fixed, and now leaking oil AND the odometer had read a substantially higher reading more than it did before when it had went in. Go figure! Immediately called the dealership and reported and questioned the odometer/mileage issues with the salesman, Justen and had been told he would have the owner Jason call me back about it. I never heard from him. When I got into the car, driving it for the first time since repair and delivery of it to me I had noticed a pile of oil under the vehicle and the vehicle was still not running correctly. Still 6/27, I immediately drove it there and the salesman-Justen told me that I had to talk to Jared the owner whom was out sick and laughed at my distress. I then talked to the mechanic whom got in the vehicle and agreed it needed to be repaired again but couldn’t do it until 6/30. Beings this was Friday 6/27 and I could not be stranded without a vehicle for another 3+ days, he told me driving the car to make due would not cause any further issues and would most likely not break down on me until then. The following Mon. 6/30 I called the mechanic and he agreed to come pick up the vehicle as promised the previous Fri. and repair it if I left both sets of the cars keys on the front seat. Upon picking up the vehicle 6/30, I had left a note inside stating I was not comfortable releasing the car with both keys as he had earlier requested, as I that morning started the filing of complaint as it had marked about 46 days since I had bought it and still the car had not been repaired nor resolved as promised and on top of that had been continuing to cost me more and more money. The car was gone for about 10-15 minutes and then had been parked back in the driveway. I guess me starting a complaint had been reason for them to decide on a cease of all contact and repairs with me and the car. The car was then left with the mechanical issues sitting in my driveway 6/30; there being, I had never received the repairs/services or a refund for the repairs/services already paid for, nor a functional, drivable car I had originally paid for during purchase, the mileage/odometer issue was never mentioned nor explained to me, the new oil leaking issue is left as my problem, as was being without a car for basically my entire ownership, plus all my time, stress, phone calls, picking up and dropping off of the vehicle had all become and been left as my problem. All leaving me with great financial loss by the dealer-Three Peaks Auto.

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