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Published: 24 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I dropped my scion off at thunderbolt. I put an $800 deposit and waited three weeks for them to finally start on my car. The day before i was suppose to pick it up, they called and told us they found more damage and our quote went from 2500 to 5000. I went ahead and just got a new car ( of course i was out $800). Two weeks later i called them to let them know i have a guy that was going to pick up my car. The guy on the phone said ok and that was that. A week later, i got Call from them saying they are going to tow my car in three hours. I Was successfully able get my own tower (from the guy who said he was going to buy it) to drive across Houston before the three hours was up, i actually got there an hour early. They told me they had already towed the car and i would have to wait until Monday to get it back (they Said they would call me). Monday came along and no call so i called them. They said i gave them a bad number (but they had already successfully called me a few times) then they said they couldn’t pick up the car (but he didn’t know why supposedly) i called the tow truck company, i couldn’t pick it up bc i had to pay $223.30. I called Joe back (since he was supposedly the manager) and asked him why i had to pay this when i was there on time with my own towet? He Tried to convince me that they are giving me a discount…why the hell was i paying for something that was not my fault. I was so mad i started raising my voice. I was trying to explain to him i had just gotten laid off and I’m a single mother, that was my only vehicle. As soon as i raised my voice (as I’m crying to him bc i couldnt believe this was happening to me) he intentionally hung up. I know he did it on purpose bc i called him back and asked him why he did it (he did not reply) I told him he had one question to answer and that was why my car got towed when i was there an hour early. He just said it wasnt them, it was the towing co. They Gave me the run around. When they first towed my car, they told us to go out there bc we can simply pick it up, no fees, it was supposedly waiting outside. Yeah it wasn’t and it wasn’t free. I will NEVER go there again or recommend them. If you do not spend money, they will lie and give you the run around. Joe kept on saying he never could get ahold of me but HE WAS THE ONE I TALKED TO. MY Husband called four times after Joe hung up on me, but all his “”fronds”” kept on saying he was busy and couldn’t talk..FOUR TIMES! Can’t believe there are seriously cold hearted “”people”” that work at Thunderbolt. The tow place is called Fieta towing, 6005 Selinsky rd. 77041 they said them and thunderbolt do business all the time, and that’s why i received my “”discount”” how many people have they done this to!? I Can’t believe how incredibly rude Joe was. He was very monotones bc he didn’t give a shit. I guess that’s why he works on vehicles, bc he obviously can’t talk to people. Thunderbolt should be embarrassed by their employees over in Houston. I Was there on time and still got towed. That’s how thunderbolt rolls. Easy way to get money huh ? Many male friends said being a female is probably why they did it… .

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