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Published: 21 April 2019

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THE TRUTH ABOUT THUY LI AND ATTORNEYS MICHAEL C. O’YOUNG AND EARLY M. HAWKINS In April 2012, Thuy Huynh aka Thuy Li Filed a Frivolous lawsuit in retaliation for being reported for the federal crimes she committed. Her intention was to harass, smear, extort, and financially ruin the victim. Thuy Li was assisted in this heinous action by Michael C. O’Young (CA SB: 260953) and Early M. Hawkins (CA SB: 119827) – two unethical attorneys willing to abuse the courts system and assist their client in extorting the victim. Ultimately the truth prevailed and Thuy Li and her attorneys lost the case and the Victim ended up being the Victor. Now Thuy Li, Michael O’Young, and Early Hawkins are facing a lawsuit for their efforts to extort, smear, and harass the Victim. This report will chronicle in thorough detail the vile and despicable (and even illegal) conduct of Thuy Li, Michael O’Young, and Early Hawkins.It is important that society know that these three individuals are willing to stoop to any level to extort, smear, and harass innocent victims. This report will even include details of the crimes committed by Thuy Li – including tax evasion and perjury. It is important the reader know the full extent of her background – including cocaine and alcohol abuse, drunk driving arrest, escorting, and that she was detained by police and involuntarily committed to a mental institution after attempting suicide. It is clear that Thuy Li is a troubled person with severe mental issues. The goal of this report is to fully inform the reader. We also want to make sure no more innocent people suffer at the hands of Thuy Li, Michael C. O’Young, and Early M. Hawkins. NO MORE VICTIMS. .

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