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This was such a big scam

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Published: 28 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

BEWARE. This is just a scamming company and totally plays with you. My friend was booking out tickets to a concert for April in February. The seats we selected cost around $100 each. And we thought we were booking it from Ticketmaster as we had selected their link. We were diverted to Ticket Fulfillment Services from Ticketmaster without us noticing this. And then the shocker was the credit card bill. Two tickets at $100 each and a service charge of around $11 should have been around $222, right. That’s basic maths. But apparently we were charges $400. That’s like nearly the double of what we should have been charged. We were so confused and shot emails right, left and centre. We mailed Ticketmaster, Am Ex and even PayPal. We found out that the payment was actually made to the company called Ticket Fulfillment Services LP. I didn’t even know which company was this and I didn’t remember using them anytime. We traced back all that we did that day and found out that we were redirected from Ticketmaster to Ticket Fulfillment Services. We immediately called them up and tried to understand what had happened. And they were like yeah, that’s the rates and that’s what you have got. There was no refund either and no way we could get out of it. PayPal also couldn’t refund the payments. We were totally scammed by Ticket Fulfillment Services. We went to the concert with just wanting to make everything out of this misery and there was another shock for us. The seats we got were not the ones we selected and were actually worth not even $50. This was such a big scam. We are not going to take this down without a fight and get our refunds from Ticket Fulfillment Services.

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