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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Do not use this company to fight your traffic tickets!! My husband received a Red Light violation by camera ticket in the mail a few months back. We contacted Ticket Kick and sent them the ticket including the video. We were told they would review everything and if it wasn’t something they could win they would not accept it And if they did accept it and fight it, if hevwas found guilty the 249 would be refunded. They notified us that it was fight able and to send $249.00 To them to get started. A week or so later we received a typed up Trial by Written Declaration. In it they used legal terms that we did not understand but trusted they knew how to find some technicality fon giving the ticket. Along with his declaration he had to send the $498.00 red light violation fine that would also be refunded once my husband was found not guilty. On May 2 he received notice from the court that he was found guilty. We contacted Ticket Kick to get a refund but they said the refund was only good for 14 days after the court order which was ordered on April 10, stamped on April 14,2014 and we received it by mail May 2,2014. This gimmick they have knowing that the court cannot get your paperwork to you within the 14 days is WRONG!!! They refuse to give us a refund so not only are we out the 249+498 by disputing the ticket he waived his right to traffic school. Please please don’t give this company your money.

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