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Published: 08 April 2017

Posted by: liam

My partner and I were looking for a better life and were thinking of relocating to Mexico. We had never been to Yucatan but hoped to find a property in the region and got in touch with Tierra Yucatan Real Estate and one of the realtors Suzan was mailing us back and forth.

The day we landed she came to pick us up and placed us at a condo with good facilities. We were paying for the condo. After we settled in, Suzan bought in her boss to meet us and discussed a little about the properties that were showing. We took them out for dinner at our cost. The next day onwards they started showing us around Merida. We were enticed by the beauty of the city but didn’t like any of the properties they showed us.

The next day too we went around quite a lot and still didn’t like any houses. By this point, Suzan started telling us how many good properties we had missed and should have decided by now. We were getting annoyed with her attitude and didn’t see why she was rushing us. We told her that the next day we wanted to be on our own and didn’t want to go house hunting. She tried to pressure us that houses were selling like hot cakes and that we could miss an opportunity. We were firm and told that we wanted to rest.

The next day we took rest, spoke to friends who had bought properties here and they suggested we look at Progresso. So, my partner called Tierra Yucatan Real Estate and told Suzan that we aren’t interested, to which she said that appointments are already made and they cannot be canceled. We felt obliged to visit and we complied but asked her to show properties around Progresso.

She showed us several properties but none were in Progresso, in spite of us requesting again she refused to entertain our request. She kept pressuring us to settle on a deal fast as houses were sold every minute and we were missing out on opportunity. We had had enough of her bull shit and we decided to go back to our condo halfway. We told her we will get in touch if we need their help.

That night we decided to take a walk and saw a ‘for sale’ signboard put up by the home owner. We called them up and fixed an appointment to see the house. the house was beautiful and we decided to buy it. We met with a notary and started with the process to make the purchase.

We had just two days left in our stay and we get a call from Tierra Yucatan Real Estate and the boss wants to meet us. We oblige them once last time. This time the boss brought along a lawyer and tells us there are a few more properties that we must see and doesn’t take no for an answer. We are forced to go along with them and the boss and lawyer make several pit stops during the journey to run personal errands. At one point the boss asks if we have got our passport along so that the lawyer can start proceedings for a Mexican corporation. We are taken aback by the sudden suggestion.

The boss in fact suggest that we finalize a house that very day and he starts hinting that we are not serious buyers and doesn’t let us give an explanation. The boss tells us of several success stories that decided to buy a property in a day. He pushes us towards a Mexican Corporation. The lawyer who hadn’t spoken a work since we met takes over and asks me in a rather arrogant manner if I am carrying my passport with me. I ignore him. He demands to see my passport and start proceedings for a corporation. His time and attitude scares my partner and I decide that I can’t take any more of their crap.

I tell them that we want to return to our condo. On the way back, the boss makes it clear that they have wasted their time and efforts on us. He is very rude and suggests that we took him for a ride because he thought we were a serious customer while we aren’t. He kept telling that he is used to dealing with customers who are serious. I got very pissed with his attitude and told him that it was his job to show us properties and wasn’t doing us a favor.

We were heckled, pressurized and intimidated by the boss and lawyer – is this how a realtor operates?? We are thankful that we didn’t proceed with purchasing a property with them and happy dealing directly with the seller.

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