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Published: 11 October 2017

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Do not do business with or rent any properties from a Tim Burt or Elaine Burt. Do not deposit any money into their Wells Fargo Bank account 7738298509. Fraud alert regarding property 2005 Moyo Drive Lake Havasu City Arizona. The phone number they used to conduct this fraud & crime is (406) 829-1900. They reside in or around Missoula, Montana 59808. And, also reside @ 2005 Moyo Drive Lake Havasu City, AZ. They potentially have more than 1 property in Lake Havasu City, AZ. The fax number used to facilitate their fraud & theft is (406) 926-1202. Tim Burt does not hold a business license and is in violation of the law in Lake Havasu City, AZ by way of not holding a business license; which is required to conduct any business transaction or solicite for money in exchange for goods. This Tim Burt’s actions were reported to the police in Lake Havasu City, AZ on 11/6/13 & a police report was made. He was reported to the city in LHC, AZ business licensing office & to the municipality serving 2005 Moyo Drive LHC, AZ These frauds, theives, liars, & perpetrators are running bogus & unlawful business in the false representation of rental properties at this address (and likely any others). They have a hanging billboard on another building in town which lists the phone (406) 829-1900. A lawsuit against Tim Burt is in process for fraud, theft, false advertising, abuse to handicap persons, sex offense. The phone number on the billboard was called in October, 2013. A woman who calls herself Elaine stated that she is the wife of Tim Burt the name on the Wells Fargo bank account used in this fraud & crime. A handicap person seeking housing had specific vital needs pertaining to the handicap/disabilities. This handicap person had a list of vital needs & questions regarding a potential interest in a rental property owned/managed by these persons. Every single question asked of this Elaine person was responded to with lies in full. Everything that was promised per receipt of depositing $1000.00 into their Wells Fargo Bank account (account 7738298509) was not provided. It was made implicitly clear that this person was handicap & what the needs were. The rights that a handicap person has in the process of seeking & obtaining housing were violated by these persons. And, the handicap person was violated in her own bedroom in the 1st 24 hours of being in the rental home that was paid for. These persons had promised to deliver the signed rental contract upon receipt of those monies into their Wells Fargo bank account. And, it was never provided. Neither was anything else that was promised including a promise to uphold a persons tenant rights in full. The woman or voice on other end of this phone 406-829-1900 (as posted on a small soft hanging billboard @ other location in the city) had promised to show up the same day of move in of handicap person & never did. The funds they stated requiring for a move in was $1000.00 & it had been put in their bank account. The handicap person was suffering difficult circumstances with the medical conditions & was under doctor ordered bed rest due to the persons illnesses. Many messages were left on the 1st day stating about the illness & need for person to sleep and not be disturbed in anyway. Both text & voicemails were left for these persons stating very clearly that the electricity was on just fine & for her to not disturb & to place contract in mailbox, taped on door, or slide under door. And, again emphasizing the very ill condition of handicap person & to not disturb. Arizona laws that protect a tenant or renter require that no person, owner, manager or the like may show up without advance writing in notice. This law is to protect a renters rights to “peaceful & quiet enjoyment of what it being paid for.” This includes not being on the property of the renter, knocking on doors, or being around windows or doors of renter so as to maintain the privacy rights of a renter or tentant. A 48 hour written notice must always be provided to maintain upholding of the AZ laws protecting a tenant/renter. Only in severe emergency like fire, life threat, fallen down electric wires or lines may any manager or owner show up unannounce disturbing a tentant. The handicap person/renter was tending to her medical condition undressed in her bedroom & very ill in her condition attempting to get to sleep. And, suddenly someone was at her back or bedroom window looking in. She was frightened & had left the window slightly open and tried to get to the window to close it staying to the side so as to try to keep out of line of sight but to get window closed due to the threat at hand. As she tried to close the window the person began to lunge towards the window & her & began screaming. It was a male person (who could not be seen at that angle) who began yelling out her name & rude comments about either her handicap or wheelchair. She did not know who it was and told the person to get away from the window. The male person did not listen & leave. He began saying something about the electricity & being with management. The Elaine person and stated many times that they did not live on premisies nor did any property manager at all. This was one of the many things that she lied about. They had been clearly told to not disturb the person in any way. The man began having some beligerent outburst saying someting about desiring to see her face. She had to ask several times for the person to get away from her bedroom window. And, he made rude grumbling comments as he finally left window area. The renter was made to be violated, frightened, harassed, & upset. A police report was made about this. The renters parents were involved due to the handicap person requiring some assistance with move in costs. It was their money that was deposited. And, they are retired veterans. These frauds had no problem frauding retired persons also on a fixed income and struggling to pay their bills as well. It was stated at some point that the perpetrator at the window was the Tim Burt person. This did not make any sense as it was stated many times through many phone calls & texts that the person was not to be disturbed & that everything was fine with the electricity. So it seems very bogus that he would say he was at her window having something to do with the electricity. Made to be frightened & with much anxiety over the situations & understandable concerns for her safety and due to never being provided the rental contract as promised & violated and lied to she moved out directly after making the police report. Over 20 messages and letters & faxes were sent telling them to return their monies deposited into the bank account. Due to AZ laws these persons had no legal right to keep the monies provided or the deposit. No contract was ever provided. These frauds did not have a business license & were in violation of the law to be soliciting or accepting money for any product service or good. This was reported to the LHC, AZ business license office as well as to the municipality serving that building. They refuse to return these monies & have no legal grounds to have accepted that money nor to keep it. It seems that they are running a scam and placing friends or family in these rental properties and supporting this by way of scamming people causing situations and then using money stolen/frauded to sustain their unlawful operation. These persons reside in Montana & in Lake Havasu City. The phone number used in this crime is (406) 829-1900. The fax number used is (406) 926-1202. The address is PO Box 18122 Missoula, MT 59808. It appears that they are also a business named Mounain West (in Montana), Fun Book, & possibly Precious Pet Grooming (in the Missoula area). The Wells Fargo Bank acct is 7738298509 under the name Tim Burt…..aka totally scammer peeping tom lowlife scumbag. The address in LHC is 2005 Moyo Drive.

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