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Published: 24 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I came to the Tim Castellaw Auto shop because of their attractive online page. I was the type of guy who trusted Google Map’s ratings, however, after my experience here at Tim Castellaw Auto, my opinion has changed drastically. I was incredibly disappointed with the service of the mechanics. I was having a problem with the power steering and also because the breaks were screeching because of the monsoon season. People on the streets would stop and stare because of the weird noise my car made. The reviews of this place were very good and I was expecting a friendly environment and service but it turned out to be the opposite.
I was expecting fair pricing and someone who could explain to me about the origin of the problems. To be honest I experienced none of these. The people in the office were busy with themselves and didn’t explain anything to me. The power steering problem was very straight forward and I got to know but the problems with the breaks were not at all understood and the manager didn’t seem to be a very talkative person as well. Rather than explaining, the manager thought I had no idea about cars so he didn’t waste his time and was very much annoyed when I asked him several questions about my own car. I didn’t come here for this kind of behaviour at least. They took my car and promised me to fix all the issues by night. I took a bus to the office. I called them in the evening to make updates to which they said that they have just started working on it and it will take some time. My mother had an appointment with a doctor the same evening and I needed my car urgently so I informed them about the same.
I got my car back and the steering was working well but the breaks were still making the same noise and this was not at all expected, after wasting so much time here, the results were not good. After dropping my mother to the doctor’s place I went back to the place to figure out why the expensive and time-consuming repair was not up to the mark. They assured me over and over again that everything was fine with the breaks and nothing else could be done. I expected to repair a lot of other problems with my car but after the poor service from the Tim Castellaw Auto, I made it sure not to come back to this place. I also expected some kind of respect towards the customer and even after giving a lot of expense my problem was not fixed. It was really frustrating to hit the breaks and hear the screeching of the tires all the damn time. I had to take my business elsewhere for a second opinion with the brakes and would never recommend anyone to come to Tim Castellaw Auto.

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