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Published: 03 June 2019

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Have you ever heard, the harder you work, the better the fruit is? It is true in most cases but there is an exception. The stock market might become the speediest means of earning fast and hard revenue and on the contrary, might become the swiftest reason for the loss of investment too.

One of the biggest fortune makers from the stock exchange is Tim Grittani who turned his US$ 1500 into millions over years till today. Tim started his trading when he was studying Finance and wanted to have a stronger means of income. Serving as an insurance agent was not very appealing to him so he moved towards stocks. To trade in the stock exchange, like other businesses, there is a need for an initial investment. He initiated the process with borrowed money for opening an account and had his US$ 1500 for buying stocks. What was the need to borrow money? What if he had gone whitewashed? He did get whitewashed but had some reserves to back him up. A little tolerance would have been better perhaps. It is written in the facts that in every beginning the investor should keep the risk small and investment stable. It was not his money but the family money that was circulating in the market. Like an amateur and a beginner, he failed and was devastated; losing money was a big bang for the young Tim. In dealing with the stock exchange, you have to shoot the right balloon at the right time. He turned petty cash into millions.


Master Tim:

Tim nowadays teaches online; instruct individuals the policies to earn online from stock exchange through the conventional way of the utilization of DVDs. These DVDs cost around US$ 900 approximately with little ups and downs in the price depending upon some money off. These DVDs are by all means inefficient, there are hours of long lessons on the trade of penny stocks. For the understanding of the reader, let me explain the concept of penny stocks. Penny stocks as by the tag are stocks that cost very little from cents to under US$ 5 a share. These, most of the time belong to small and medium scale companies. Penny stocks are one of the most volatile things present on this planet, it is because they rise and fall suddenly and that the stakeholder has to be smart and visionary to gain profits. Tim G. and his teacher Tim Sykes both trade in penny stocks. In DVDs, Tim does not hand you over the downloaded videos, rather you get the access to a database from where he controls his recordings and the videos are streamed online just like a security entrance card or ID card to enter a building to avail the features and attributes.  For a person who is busy or feels retarded or tired soon or the one who does not have the stamina to stand the hours, long lessons are unable to download the videos to make it to its use in the time afterward. Not only this, these videos are not very useful either, because the information displayed or the skill taught can be learned from the internet, or from various other means like that of a chat with a stockbroker or an internship at the office of a brokerage or the stock exchange. The amount that one has to spend on these DVDs combined with an additional amount of a few hundred dollars or more can result in an investment in the stock market rather than seeing and learning what can be seen and learned free of cost. Not only this, but there is an ironic side of the DVD too, the lessons of the DVD are old dated, out fashioned and in compliance with former market trends. The markets of 2018 and afterward demand new strategies, new plans, new tricks and even new patterns of depicting the market flow. Since the DVDs are showing old stuff, they are rendered useless and are even criticized by numerous users and buyers.

In addition to the DVD business, there are free YouTube video channels that keep the subscribers posted but even they are not very helpful. The hypocrisy is evident from the fact that there are two available and accessible sources of information by the same person, one worth hundred of dollars and the other worth nothing. Why paid one? And why the unpaid one? People are paying for something that does not need to be paid for and if people are paying extensively for something why the unpaid content is not in the paid package as a supplement? All of the content is gathered and accumulated information and as for the saying “It is better to watch someone to trade” goes, then the best chance is to step into the real world stock exchange market to visualize the trade taking place. Also, if it is better to see someone trading than listening about it, then there is no need to watch all this on YouTube and DVDs rather, as said above, visit a stock exchange or a broker. These DVDs are generating incomes that are being invested into penny stocks, taking money from people, to teach them investment and trading, investing the same money in the market and earning profits in their presence, is something terrible which people are neglecting and leaving unobserved. 


Sorry, No Refunds:

If someone is not interested in the course or has found out that he or she does not need these courses, he or she directs towards a refund, a refund that is never reimbursed, and no money back policy. Businesses that have their names engraved on the minds of customers always provide a soft cushion of the refund to gain confidence. The non-refund policy of Mr. Tim G. applies to everyone whether he leaves in the middle of a course or the beginning. Beginners should be exempted from this dubious scheme as they, by then, would not have grasped on to the “significant and highly secretive knowledge” of these multi-millionaire penny stock coaching thugs.


Investment Alerts:

This is not the end to this; there is another clever scheme that is the “alerting scheme”.This scheme alerts the customers of trading gurus about stocks, like Tim buys low volume and low float stocks earlier and then alerts about these to his followers or subscribers, these followers or subscribers or commercially termed as “customers”, blindly follow him to invest and to exalt the stock price, which allows the master to exit and earn a small profit. There can be long and short position policies, but these policies always adversely affect the “customer” and sympathetically affect the master.


My Newspaper:

 There are sources that review in good tone about Mr. Tim but what if those sources are being held and owned by Mr. Tim himself? Once the government of Saudi Arabia released a figure saying that almost ninety percent of their population is educated and literal, however, any numbers released by any government about its people can be highly maligned, smeared, managed and untrue. In conservative and criticized states like the Kingdom, where force is the solution to everything, such figures cannot be trusted, just like “Trading Tickers” that is founded by none other than Mr. Tim himself. The platform shows affirmative reviews and by no means, the positivity and charm of this white-collar scam become exhaustive. People are being forced to buy DVDs, gossips of YouTube channels and then the notion that these DVDs are worthwhile. Reviews that are mesmerizing to Mr. Tim are the ones that can be seen all across the internet now. As Trading Tickers is developed by Mr. Tim, the truth cannot come out of this source and all other sources like this. People need to comprehend this and dig further into the story. 


Is the money flowing? :

Furthermore, there can be another controversy just lurking over, Sykes, a self-proclaimed self-made millionaire, a famous trade-main and a tarnished one too, a person who claims Mr. Tim to be his success story, achievement, accomplishment and a millionaire fine student, uses such names and examples to promote his “Trade-education business”. He tells the world that such people like Steven Dux, Tim G. and others are his students; he sells such stories to influence more and more people, especially young people to adhere to his scheme and to sign up for his teachings. He is an old trader with old techniques that are vanishing and at this age instead of trading and playing with risky cash that may turn into naughty cards, isn’t it better to record videos, give advice, with no risk and secure cash payment and play the informal cards game rather than a complicated chess game with worthy and equivalent opponents? Perhaps, it might be. Certainly, it is. Similarly, when we look at the other side of the coin, Sykes is an established name in the trading world and stock exchanges, having his patronage and supervision with the label of his mentorship can increase the worth in itself too. Therefore, it can be a “give some take some” relationship. These new trade instructors should not be trusted. Who knows, they might be taking money from Sykes for promoting his name and his methodology, like that of DVDs and other similar stuff like chatrooms.



 There is another source, predominantly satisfactory for people called profit.ly. This platform provides information, data and corresponding statistics for trading. It is considered to be a valid and versatile source of information and credentials related to the stock exchange. Interestingly, this platform is developed by Mr. Sykes, Yes the very teacher that claims to have taught Mr. Tim G and numerous other up-to-date millionaires. Again, with despair and sorrow, I would like to say that mankind would certainly believe it to be the finest and the best of information available. It is considered pollution-free and contamination-free whereas the case is similar to the Trading Tickers. The information can be corrupted. It seems authentic as long as one has not tried to manipulate the information. People think that the data on this site can be imported by brokers directly whereas bypassing is also not a big deal. One can import or enter the trade manually too. One can refrain from inserting the bad trades and show good trades or win-win percentage. This is one of the provided options. We have to look into the system of profit.ly rather than an outskirt pictorial representation and an internet full of appreciating such distorting source. Data can be mixed using more than one accounts and much more can be done. The best way is to, neither listen to company press release that creates hype equivalent in glory of the statue of liberty nor to the stock market readings or such instructors that benefit from their own students rather than vice versa, but to read from the official and credible filings of SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Listening to SEC will lead you to make better decisions with your cash. 



In the end, I will conclude the article by stressing on the fact that the two of the finest ways to embrace knowledge are (I) to work in an environment corresponding to what you want to learn (II) to research and consult face to face when you at the least have basic know-how of the work you are aiming to adopt. The third way or other ways will not be effective. Learning from the DVDs and websites like profit.ly will not be helpful. Similarly, trading based on alerts issued by a mentor will not be beneficial to the young trader as it will be for the mentor himself. Whether that is Sykes, Tim or Dux, all are the pieces of the same jigsaw puzzle. One must learn by himself first before entering into a world of digital trade teaching, the reason is at that spot you will be able to judge what is going wrong and what is not and that how can things be mended and where the loopholes exist. To evaluate all these factors prompting the stock exchange and your investment, you must possess prior knowledge of the game.

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