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Published: 08 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

At 11:45 a.m., Sunday, April 26,2015, I placed an order at the drive thru Grand Bay Tim Hortons, in New Brunswick,Canada. Their policy is to show the total,tax included on the order board by your car and then to verbally confirm the total with you via the speaker system. On this date my total was for $10.02 , which was confirmed, when I arrived at the pick up window I handed the lady $10.75, the difference was for a tip, she counted the money and told me I owed 30 more cents. I asked for what and she said the total was over 11 dollars, I replied that was not what was on the total board and verbally confirmed, my wife and daughter were in the car with me and verified what I said. The lady disputed the total again, I then asked her why was there always a problem in totals at this store or with accuracy in orders? At this point another female employee leaned over the window and told me that if I didn’t like it I could leave and as a matter of fact I should leave because she wasn’t giving me my order. I asked the first lady, who still had my money , if I could talk to a manager, the first lady replied she was the manager, I asked her why the other person was being so rude and to tell her not to interfere in our discussion. The manager, who was trying to be professional told the other employee to walk away and not interfere , all of this was being overheard by everyone in the store and everyone outside as well. The other employee kept being verbally abusive and when I finally got my order she escalated to the point where she stuck her arm out the window in an attempt to hit me and she yelled at me to “GO F*** YOURSELF!”. This was again overheard by customers, employees and my family. I tried contacting Tim Hortons complaint line but they do not work on weekends. I feel that this was beyond the threshold of poor service and crosses the line into an attack on my person by an employee, this employee should not be suspended or coached, she should be immediately fired, she is a danger to the public and a stain on the Tim Hortons company name. .

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