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Published: 22 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Please please do not rent from Timbercreek Asset Management. They almost killed my small child in Feb 2014. I lived in mold ( confirmed lab results black toxic mold). They refused to deal with it. Had no bathroom facilities. No water or toilet for over 10 days. Roly Morris there Preaident tried to bully me and threaten me. I have filed lawsuit in Superior Court against them and have two more pending to be filed. They have now falsified documents to try and evict me however I am a social worker and know the laws. Shelly Poulin there collections manager has harassed me for over 3 months now due to asking for my new unit they made me move to be fixed. Water leaks. Next door neighbors wallinfested with mold and bed bugs. My unit stinks of crack and marijuana constantly. They don’t care. Called drug squad myself. They rent to drug dealers. There own staff are also drug dealers and they lie to you. Then they post please call our customer service dept we value our tenants. I have written over 20 emails to B Tamblyn CeO and other senior management and not one reply. They allow you to live in a hell hole. Water is constantly being turned off. Heat is not up to standard levels in winter. Foundation iscrumbling and bricks along with many many more structural issues. They claim to renovate their units. Yep I needed 23 maintenance issues upon inspection of new unit which is a hell hole. Mic you at einterested in suing them please pleasecontact me. I am going afte the jugular and exposing these slumlords. Want to bring in media and show the mold and rotting units. Suing for over $350,000. I will help you go after them. They can not evict you, you get a notice you do not have to move out. You go to landlord and tenant board hearing and challenge it and also file against them. You can be awarded up to $25 ooo against them. They have to pay as you know who they bank with from your cheque info to garnish money and you can put lean on properties they own. Do not rent from them. I have over 100 pictures of mold, bugs, leaks, cracked foundation walls crumbling, bricks falling off buildings etc….. You life is literally at risk. Please contact me as this is a valid email address and any lawsuit against the, is public info. I will be contacting Global News, CBC, Ctv news, Cp24 and any other media avenue that would like this story. My precious 5 yr old almost died in Sick kids due to black toxic mold. I have certified lab results from private lab company. I have public health and city of Richmond Hill and Enforcement unit involved. I am telling the truth. They are the worst landlords I have ever had. They don’t care and are now harassing me which is funny as it gives me grounds for yet another lawsuit and trust me I will file. .

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