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Published: 17 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Don’t walk, run away from the slimy high-pressure salespeople at timeless cosmetics, which has set up shop at a corner store on lincoln road and also at aventura mall are class-a scammers. The name of the toxic crap they are pushing is currently branded as “oceane – body.Mind.Soul”, but it is only a matter of time before they change their name again. This is what scammers do. The same products used to be called dead sea products, vine vera, orogold… Timeless cosmetics fl inc. Is registered under mr. Kfir levy, who is listed as president and sole officer/director. Kfir levy also owns “black & blue cosmetics”, “k.L breeze enterprise inc.” and “la bleu paris inc.”, all active businesses. They do not provide refunds and their phone number is permanently disconnected, presumably so nobody can call to complain. My elderly mother Who suffers from early-stage alzheimer’s) and i were literally pulled off the street by this young israeli man dressed all in black. He tried to offer us free samples of their cream, but as soon as we reached for the samples, he used his other hand to pull us into the store. He grabbed my poor mother’s arm and started rubbing this gel-like substance all over it. Then he kept rubbing and the substance pilled like glue would. He told my mom, “look, it’s your dead skin cells. Feel how soft and young your skin looks..” my mother told him she has sensituve skin and asked if they offered returns. His response was “returns, oh yes, of course! then he offered her this salt scrub and a cream, all for the “special price” of $600 and they would throw-in a free facial (“worth $150”). I laughed out loud and said “oh, please!” so he started to lower the price, first $500, then $400, then $250.. Think about it, if their creams were so great, why would they have to pull people off the street to buy their products? Or be able to offer such huge “discounts”? I started to say, very firmly, “mom, let’s go, let’s get out of here..” when the israeli salesman sarted speaking in hebrew to the man who he referred to as his “boss”, another israeli, slightly-older, also dressed all in black. The “boss” came over to where we were and started to try to offer me this crap for my eyes. He clearly wanted to distract me so that i couldn’t protect my mom. When i told him no, it was as if he didn’t hear me. He started pulling me by the arm to the other end of the store. I yanked my arm out of his hand and todl him “i said no, thank you”! he gave me this look of disgust and turned his back to me. Then this other salesgirl came and tried to block me from getting back to my mother. I almost had to push her out of the way. The next thing i know, the first jerk is at the register swiping my mother’s card! $268 for some no-name products that my mother definitely does not need. I was furious. She tried the creams when she came home, and guess what? They caused a huge rash. I toldher don’t worry, i’ll take them back tomorrow. When i went back the next day to return the products, the same salesperson was there. When i approached him and told him i needed to return the products because they cauased a rash, he looked at me with his dead eyes, and told me, flatly, “no refunds, exchanges only, it’s right there on your receipt!” i reminded him how, during hsi sales pitch, my mom specifically asked him if they accepted returns, and he had assured her that they did. He looked at me like i was crazy and said “i never said that!” i was horrified. Why would i want to exchange these products for more of their crappy products. They are the scum of lincoln road and aventura mall and i really hope they go out of business soon! they are preying on tourists, elderly people, and pretty much everyone who walks by.. These israeli scammers are operating in malls across america, europe, australia, new zealand and elsewhere.. The salespeople Young, attractive males and females) are recruited and trained in israel right after they complete their cumpulsory military service. Apparently there is this tradition in israel where you spend a year travelliung the world after your complete military service. They are promised thousands per week in commissions, which they use to fund their travels or studies. It’s like a cult organization, with the same aggressive, demeaning, “won’t take no for an answer” tactics used all over the world. Just under different brand names so you don’t realize they are connected. They used to be bill themseleves as the “dead sea products” but had to change their name because of all of the complaint and bad press.

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