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Published: 23 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I am writing on behalf of my negative experiences with timepayment corp leasing company, their rude employees and my staff’s experience’s with benerson information technologies, pos systems has been horrible. I checked online and i was appalled to discovered every other complaint against timepayment corp. defrauding and scamming business owners according to all the reports i’ve read. Benseron does not stand behind their pos systems and timepayment corp knowing that benseron sold defective equipment and software does not care in the least and with total disregard chases you for payment for equipment that does not work as claimed. I agree with so many others who indicated that timepayment corp inflates their deceptive interest practices and that nobody in their right mind would agree to paying 3 times the cost of the original equipment when trying to pay it off only to owe more at the end of what they consider “fair market value”. In 3 years i have been with timepayment corp The leasing company) and benseron, i have lost many patrons and workers who have complained to me that the benseron pos system does not work, it’s inefficient, too complex, the screen freezes, transactions voiding by itself, menu items not printing, kitchen printer never works, the dining room seating setup disappears from time to time, the menu disappears, customers are charged twice and many other glitches and bugs. I am sure you would agree that no business can afford to waste their time on a systems that does not work over 95% of the times. All my employees have tried to work with benseron’s system and it seems to always have issues and failed when you need it to operate correctly. I have lost so much income and many of my good workers as a result of the failed pos and all the complications with the benseron technology and their software. My managers and employees can attest to this fact and some workers quit as a result of the frustrations in dealing with failed equipment. There were many times within the 3 year period of complaint from my former chefs whom all have expressed their dissatisfaction and their discontent regarding the benseron pos and their useless services as nothing works and it always almost occurs on busy nights so all the waitresses have to write out the checks manually which is very time consuming and antiquated way to process payments. There has to be fair, equitable and reasonable monetary considerations for all the times their system is down causing my business lose income and time as a result when many patrons walk out the door because we have to inform the patrons that our pos is down and we cannot process credit cards. Yet, timepayment corp does not care and chases you for payment for their defective leased equipment with their vendors. I have been with benseron pos for approximately 3 years now and paying for 2 pos when we are only using one based on all the complex issues. Furthermore, benseron’s owner has indicated each and every time we have spoken that he will send out a new working pos without glitches and bugs and the updated corrected software and here it is 2+ years and nothing yet, timepayment corp hounds you every day for payment knowing they sold and leased you defective equipment. No one pays for services they have never received and this is clearly the case…..At best the services was horrible and as my manager and others have stated, there have not been 10 days straight whereby benseron system functions normally as it was intended. I’m sure anyone who is reviewing my case would clearly state that we have been more than patient and 3 years is enough time to test a product that has failed continuously and my workers and i lose income and precious time as a result. Besides losing patrons, i lose good employees who were frustrated with the pos and quit due to the pos being down and loss of income as a result. Timepayment corp blows up your phone to make payment and after 2 years of paying for failed equipment, they sucker me to continue and paying for another year and they will speak with benseron to make it right and instead, it gets worse, nothing happens and if you stop paying, they will have attorneys file a judgment against you and will levy your bank accounts. Timepayment corp are obviously shysters whose practices are deceptive, unscrupulous and unethical. Clearly, all the other complaint against benseron pos is 100% accurate as well as timepaymentcorp bullying small business owners for payment on leasing your business equipment that is defective. In the end these 2 heartless companies can care less if you lose money based on selling you poor quality defective equipment that does not function as intended. Just like automotive dealers selling a car that is a lemon, i’m sure there are laws that protect the consumers against such scams and fraud. This was an expensive experience where my business easily lost over $100,000 + annually as a direct result of my patrons walking out the door when advised that the pos is down and my business is unable to process credit card charges which all restaurant owners know is 90% of their business. I have documented evidence, email correspondence, witnesses, ex employees, patrons, etc. We all need to unite together and file a class action suit against timepayment corp’s deceptive practices who are predators and stop them before they pray on subscribing other innocent victims.

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