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Published: 13 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I own a timeshare in Orlando, Florida. I have never used my timeshare and was happy to receive a call from a woman that wanted to set up an appointment with me to discuss a method to get rid of the timeshare. I asked her a few questions but she had no answers, because she only sets up the appointments. I made an appointment and a gentelman named Don Pearson (AKA Donald Pearson with Herbalife) showed up at my house. He made it seem like he was doing me a favor by even showing up. He claimed he had already fulfilled his quote for timeshares that he was buying up and that mine was not needed. He was willing to take my timeshare off my hands for the small fee of $6,000 (that his me paying him, not him paying me). He had a lot of slick lines and reasons for me to sell the timeshare now. Looking back now, I should have been suspicious that all his paperwork was poorly photocopied and not original prints. He also wouldn’t let me keep any of the documents so that I could review anything. He claimed a new management company would be taking over the Vacation Villas management and that it would cost me thousands more per year for the HOA. Luckily for me I didn’t have that kind of money to spend on getting rid of a timeshare. I spoke it over with my wife and she refused to spend that kind of money regardless. I text Don back and told him we would not be selling the timeshare. Don, again, doing me a favor, told me he had a friend named Blake Gordon that has a non-profit called Timeshare for a Cause that does the same thing as Don but for smaller price $2,063. Well, I thought that was just great and so I contacted Blake Gordon. Blake didn’t provide me a phone number or Fax number and would never sign his emails. “No problem! Don does a good job on explaining our program. I understand the headache involved in getting rid of your timeshare and created this company to finally give owners a win/win situation. My website is down for updating, but I can still handle everything for you. I will send you a quit claim deed and an invoice through PayPal by tomorrow. Did you have any questions after speaking with Don? Sent from Windows Mail” That website is still down timeshareforacause.org. Apparantely, Blake’s email does not work either. Blake emailed me on December 3rd and wrote me “At this point I will be sending the documents in for recording. Once recorded, I can have the resort transfer names and you will be free of your timeshare” However, Vacation Villas has not heard anything about the transfer when I called them on January 5th. After still not receiving any replies for a month, I gave “Blake” a final email about protecting myself. I called my credit card company and they tried to contact him also. I am happy to report that my credit card company (thanks Discover) “We’ve finished our initial investigation regarding your disputed transaction of $2,063.00 from PAYPAL *TIMESHAREFO. During our investigation, we notified the merchant of your request and asked them to respond. At this time we have either not received a response from the merchant, or the response we received did not validate the charge. Accordingly, we are resolving the dispute in your favor. We have adjusted the temporary credit we previously applied to your account to reflect that it came from PAYPAL *TIMESHAREFO and have sent the merchant a second notice. You’ll see this on your statement reflected as two transactions:” Therefore, it’s pretty clear that Blake had no intention of fulfulling his feduciary duties in this regard. I’m sure that this scam was pulled off by both Donald Pearson and Blake Gordon, together. Oddly enough, I cannot get a hold of either person. Donald Pearson has a contact link on his herbalife webpage that goes nowhere and he did not respond to my text messages either. Blake doesn’t sign his emails and the only evidence of his name is on the timeshare for a cause bill that he sent me through Paypal. Don’t use Paypal for this type of transaction either! They couldn’t help me at all. On the PayPal website they make no claims about protecting you from scams or helping you to get your money back. Paypal is just a way to send money. Good Luck to anyone else out there. These guys were very slick and I really believed them. In hindsight I should have been more cautious. Neither of the two individuals have any online presence. They both don’t have phone numbers or fax numbers and only use email for everything. I sent a quit claim deed to Blake Gordon so I wonder what else I can expect to happen to me.

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