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Published: 25 January 2019

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The Witches of Windsor Square Timothy Corrigan is a publicity-seeking interior designer doing business as “Landmark Restoration.” In fact, he created Landmark Restoration as a result of his alleged “restoration” of the Dorothy Chandler Estate, located in the Windsor Square area of Los Angeles. Corrigan is a master of self-promotion in print, on television and on the Internet. He markets himself as an “expert” in restoring historic properties although he possesses no professional licenses of any kind or any background to substantiate this falsehood. He is featured in Architectural Digest on a regular basis; the latest being in the January 2012 edition as one of the Top 100 Designers in the world. Kathleen Scheinfeld is his business partner, housemate and is also credited with the “restoration” of the Chandler Estate. Corrigan bought the Chandler Estate in early 1997, the very day Dorothy Chandler died for 1.3 million. he claims he is not an ambulance chaser however as you can see he and Coldwell Banker Larchmont agents are making lazy circles in the sky over elderly people with equity rich properties in Windsor Square, as is evidenced in the secret emails between sellers and buyers agent, in which Coldwell Banker agent Diana Knox is talking about a property Corrigan wants and stating about the owner, who doesn’t want to sell, “he’s 98 he can’t live forever” Tim Corrigan lived at the property, with Scheinfeld, and used it as their principal residence until it was sold to the current owners in 2006. During their ownership, Corrigan and Scheinfeld sold off original features and fixtures and put excessive strain on the hundred year old estate and its outdated systems by constantly renting the house out for events, filming, parties, etc.…literally taking it to the brink of total destruction, never restoring the home as they so famously publicized, before unloading it on the new unsuspecting buyers. During Corrigan’s ownership of the property, he unleashed a campaign of media coverage about the home and publicized himself as having “impeccably restored” the estate. Corrigan and Scheinfeld obtained such coverage, for example, in a 2004 Los Angeles Times article, a glossy coffee table book entitled “Dream Palaces of Hollywood’s Golden Age”, on television (“Super homes” 2005) and on the Internet. Here is just a sampling of the press: www.timothy-corrigan.com/press-details?pid=21 www.timothy-corrigan.com/press-details?pid=50 www.timothy-corrigan.com/press-details?pid=42 www.timothy-corrigan.com/restoration.html The house has also been featured in countless feature films, print ads, television shows and commercials (Charlie Wilson’s War, The Rundown, Nip Tuck, NCIS, Rod Stewart’s latest album layout, Vanity Fair, C magazine, etc.…) Much of the work Corrigan and Scheinfeld did do at the house, having nothing to do with “restoration”, was done without proper permits or the benefit of engineering plans or city approvals and caused catastrophic water intrusion, destroying drainage and structural elements for the property that the current owners are still dealing with 5 years later. Corrigan and Scheinfeld hid the many substantial defects in the home. Corrigan referred to the home’s music room as “The Mozart Room” which he claimed was brought to the house from a castle in Europe where Mozart had occupied at one time. He told the experts have forensically tested the “Mozart Room” and it was determined to have been built at the time of the properties construction. Escrow closed in November 2006 with the current owners paying the highest price ever recorded in Hancock Park; just under $9 million because. Within five months the property was red tagged and uninhabitable. The gas company found substantial gas leaks throughout the property. In the months thereafter, the current owners began to discover similarly serious problems throughout the property – roofs were rotted and at risk of collapsing, the sewer was completely deteriorated and depositing raw sewage in the front lawn, walls and framing members were rotted, requiring total replacement of the framing water had regularly soaked portions of the interior of the home, the electrical system was dangerous, the plumbing system was rotted and encased in asbestos, the pool needed to be entirely redone, water and soil was contaminated on and on…Ironically, while exposing the current owners to mold, asbestos, leaking gas lines, contaminated soil and water, the buyers minor son contracted bacterial meningitis and nearly lost his young life, Corrigan touts himself in the press and on his web-site as being a “green” designer and has a line of “eco-luxury” products for sale. One of the many ironies is that the current owners had to move out of the house when it was red-tagged by the gas company the same month and year that another glowing article was written about Corrigan and his “impeccable restoration” of the Dorothy Chandler Estate!!! Corrigan and Scheinfeld lied about their restoration of the Estate, along with Coldwell Banker agents who all concealed disclosures from previous failed escrows on the property, provided falsified invoices and documentation of work that was never done and did not disclose significant defects in the home to the current owners whether on the real estate transfer disclosure statement or otherwise. The irrefutable evidence showing that the sellers and sellers Coldwell Banker agents and managers had actual knowledge of the fundamental defects throughout the property, conspired to conceal and defraud the new buyers maliciously withholding their knowledge from their clients. Co conspirators took actions to cover up the true condition of the home and then systematically corrupted due process by forging buyers initials to an arbitration agreement compelling the buyers to a corrupt process in which the clear evidence of fraud, forgery and corruption was blatantly ignored. The corrupt arbitrator awarded his criminal associates another million dollars at which point 47 year old husband and father committed suicide on July 24th 2012 by a single gun shot only hours after receiving the unconscionable 1.2 million dollar award of attorneys fees for a nine day arbitration that was despicably delayed for five years and turned out to be a forgone conclusion despite undisputed evidence of every one of Joe Handleman’s causes of actions for fraud, concealment… Coldwell Banker’s Role in the Fraud Timothy Corrigan never restored the Chandler Estate as he represented. But, make no mistake, it was Coldwell Banker, specifically Diana Knox and John Winther Art Spaeth, Gail Hershowitz , Lisa Hutchins and too many others to list, who planned and perpetrated this fraud against their own clients and buyers of the house who paid these frauds $220,000. This crime could not have happened without the deliberate acts, lies and concealment by Coldwell Banker who acted in an illegal, unethical way with complete disregard for its client’s safety and well-being and solely for their own rapacious pecuniary gain. Coldwell Banker switched inspectors, forged contracts, lied about material facts, concealed disclosures and documents they had a clear duty to disclose conspired with Corrigan and Scheinfeld to conceal material information and provide fabricated information designed to mislead the buyers into thinking the house had been “impeccably restored.” Instead of buying an impeccably restored “dream house,” as sold to them, the current owners purchased a “house of horrors,” depleting their financial resources and putting unimaginable stresses on their family and home life. The harassment of this family and lack of help for them is the most despicable violation of civil rights. THE CURRENT OWNER IS THE ONE WHO ACTUALLY RESTORED THE CHANDLER ESTATE. They current owner has blood, sweat and tears in this unimaginable four million dollar restoration while the frauds still take the credit. Four million dollars later the new owners were forced to replace every major system in the house from the roofs, plumbing, electrical, drainage, sewers, concrete, pool, irrigation, mold remediation, asbestos and on and on. There is still much work to do at the house in order to bring the house to the condition in which it was purported to be some 8 years ago when the current owners purchased it “completely restored.” Below are just a fraction of the pictures depicting the true condition of the estate as it was left to the current owners. In Summary Timothy Corrigan, a master of self-promotion, is a fraud, a scam artist, and July 24th, 2012 adds felony murder to the list of his crimes after criminally conspiring against and defrauding Joe Handleman and his family, the buyer of his former residence, by concealing disclosures from previous failed escrows on the property which revealed the properties true condition. Corrigan and his accomplices were caught forging and falsifying documents and invoices, claiming he and his partner had impeccably restored the estate when in fact they never restored the Estate but in fact stripped the hundred year old Estate , continuously filming actually putting excessive wear on outdated systems and causing many of the properties most challenging problems and selling off and removing many of the Estates valuable original features, fixtures and furnishings doing reckless unpermitted and illegal work causing massive damage. The property was red tagged, uninhabitable within five months and the new buyer Joe Handleman and his family were first forced to live in a hotel then move into an apartment for 42 months while the unending problems unfolded. The fraud in the transaction pales in comparison to the evil campaign of extrinsic fraud that followed and that after seven years of intentionally harassing, committing felonious acts and abuse that culminated in the suicide death of 47 year old husband and father, Joe Handleman, who acted with nothing but good faith and integrity. To this day Timothy Corrigan promotes himself, gives interviews and lectures as the restoration expert behind the former Dorothy Chandler estate, but Timothy Corrigan is simply a liar and a fraud. He and his attorneys later changed their story to Timothy Corrigan restored the estate and then the new buyers restored it again. This is also a blatant falsehood, TIMOTHY CORRIGAN NEVER RESTORED THE FORMER DOROTHY CHANDLER ESTATE. Not one system!!! Not one thing!!! Corrigan and his partner along with their attorneys corrupted due process to escape liability for the more than 27 felonies he and his co conspirators committed against Joe Handleman, the new buyer, in order to cover up Timothy Corrigan’s and Coldwell Banker’s real estate fraud scam to defraud Joe of millions. These criminals fraudulently induced Handleman and his wife by using the escrow officer, Gail Hershowitz and Coldwell Banker to forge the arbitration agreement provision of a purchase contract by affixing computer generated images of buyer’s initials on a substituted contract. Leaving Joe confused, because he insisted he never signed the arbitration agreement. He said it did appear to be his initials and that’s because it was his initials because it was a computer generated image of his initials affixed to a copy of a substituted contract while the original has remained missing. Timothy Corrigan produce emails in discovery, staring Coldwell Banker’s Diana Knox and Coldwell John Winther committing so many blatant criminal acts against Joe, who paid them $220,000 dollars commission, as the buyer for there alleged exclusive representation. Anyone who wasn’t so connected and adept at white-collar crime would be in federal prison for less than what is seen going on with the forgery and emails Later it was discovered Corrigan produced the emails after he had cut and pasted them, editing himself out of the criminal conspiracy. The more complete version of the emails showed Corrigan and Knox conspiring to defraud the Handlemans: changing the inspection company unbeknownst to buyers, ordering two inspections and removing pages from the one provided, obtaining invoices for work never done, concealing vital information, altering and influencing appraisals…See emails attached to see this brazen fraud being perpitrated. “Restoration expert” The vultures do this regularly. Being seen in emails discussing another 98 yr. old man, and the deal his death would bring for sale of the house. Mr. Corrigan so regularly points out the house was in a state of sever disrepair when he purchased the Estate but this was reflected in the 1.3 million Corrigan paid. The house required a total renovation, which he fraudulently represented he did. Every system had failed long ago doing extensive damage. The house was red tagged and uninhabitable within five months of closing escrow due to leaking gas and sewage problems. The gas co. said every time anyone flipped a switch on the property the entire community was in danger and shut off the gas at the isolation valve. Each inspection report gave extensive information taken directly from the owner without verification of the statements and Knox is seen in the emails intentionally influencing New roofs, new electrical, new plumbing, vertical and horizontal. Despite the fact Corrigan supplied a receipt for the gas line replacement Corrigan made a large insurance claim ( over one hundred thousand dollars) to replace rot and the leaking roof. Restoration? In a restoration would you leave the following: original rotted gas pipe, original rotted sewer pipe, rotted framing, leaking roofs, mold, and a rat infestation? Renovation? The only sad part of this story wasn’t even the fact that none of this was disclosed (in fact the opposite mentioned). The sad part is the fact that this man defrauded the family for more than 12 million dollars. Upon the sale of the house it appeared that all was okay, and then a mere 5 months later the rains came. Water poured in the roof, down the rotted wall, and onto the floor. Which exposes the “Money Pit” for what it truly was a house of horrors. Now this is where the tail turns for the worst. Timothy Corrigan then sent workman to strip the house of any value, and use it to better profit himself (found their mark and exploited it again and again). Now if this scam wasn’t enough to perpetrate upon a family. In this case there are 6 copies of the purchase agreement produced by these criminals The buyers copy with no arbitration signature, the seller copies with an arbitration signature and four varying copies with different FORGED signatures. So the law states one copy with the buyers first. One copy? These coconspirators put 6 deferent copies forward, and submitted them to the courts as the original. Ironically, while exposing the current owners to mold, asbestos, leaking gas lines, contaminated soil and water, Corrigan touts himself in the press and on his web-site as being a green designer and has a line of eco-luxury products for sale. Another of the many ironies is that the current owners had to move out of the house when it was red-tagged and uninhabitable the same month and year that another glowing article was written about Corrigan and his “impeccable restoration” of the Dorothy Chandler Estate!!!

Corrigan and Scheinfeld did not disclose any of the significant defects in the home to the current owners in order to defraud victims whether on the real estate transfer disclosure statement or otherwise. There is undeniable evidence showing that the sellers had knowledge of the fundamental defects throughout the property, withheld their knowledge and took actions to cover up the true condition of the home. 


They have repaired and/or replaced every major system in the house from the roofs, plumbing, electrical, drainage, sewers, concrete, pool, irrigation, mold remediation and on and on. There is still much work to do at the house in order to bring the house to the condition in which it was purported to be some 8 years ago when the current owners paid a multi million dollar premium for a restoration Corrigan never did owners believed they purchased it completely restored. Joe Handleman is dead because these criminals wanted to keep the money they stole from him. Felony murder does not require specific intent to kill, and an accessory to the felony may also be charged with the murder. Now in this case, this wasn’t your typical murder; the new owner after the final violation of fraud and corruption, took his own life. Under federal law if you are committing felonies against anyone which directly causes them to take their own life the violating party is responsive for the action. Joe Handleman who took his own life stated in his last words, in his suicide letter, ” The corrupt award is one more blow than I can take , I can’t take one more day of this life … that these people have created for us.” The law shows that as direct and indirect results of Mr. Corrigan’s malicious actions he is guilty of felony murder. The alleged restoration expert behind the Dorothy Chandler Estate is a fraud that will lie, cheat, steal, and even murder to protect his crimes and fake reputation. This is a dangerous individual that should be avoided at all costs. SHAME ON COLDWELL BANKER’S DIANA KNOX AND FRAUD TIM CORRIGAN AND HIS PARTNER WHO WAS CAUGHT BREAKING INTO AND TRESSPASSING IN VICTIMS HOUSE. JOE HANDLEMAN’S WIDOW AND MINOR CHILD CONTINUE TO BE HARRASSED BY THIS SAME GROUP OF WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS. THE HOUSE IS CONTINUALLY BROKEN INTO, MAIL STOLEN, UNENDING VANDALISM, FRIVILOUS LAWSUITES MENT TO HARRASS. SO THESE CRIMINALS WILL NOW DRIVE THEIR VICTIMS OUT OF THE VERY HOUSE THEY DEFRAUDED AND STUCK VICTIMS WITH. THE TRUE RESTORERS OF THE ESTATE WHO PAID WAY TOO HIGH A PRICE BECAUSE OF THE GREED OF TIM CORRIGAN. ASSASIN.

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