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Timothy Luberski – Suit For Damages for Attempting Forgery in California

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Published: 22 August 2017

Posted by: Nia L. Flanigan

A suit has been filed in the court of California against Luberski, Inc. and Timothy Luberski for committing forgery and fraud doings to the plaintiff. These kinds of cases are landmark and can come to interesting conclusions.
Charges which has been framed against the Fullerton Businessman Timothy E. Luberski, CEO of Luberski, Inc. are abuse of law provided by the statute, damages and compensation for wrong and fraud committed by the defendant and forged documents by the staff and the man himself i.e. Timothy Luberski. The case has been filed in the Orange County Superior Court vide case no. 30-2016-00889777-CU-NP-CJC.
Michelle Grace Baello an employee of Luberski was also a culprit in crime which he did commit on the saying of Timothy Luberski. In order to deceive the plaintiff the defendant has intentionally notarized forged records so as to proceed with fraudulent statements to the United States Bankruptcy Court along with California Department of Motor Vehicles.
The defendant and the alleged wrong doers namely Timothy Luberski and his staff namely Thomas Forrest and Robert Forrest along with their lawyer Mr. Daniel Leibowitz conspired and planned to name the title in there name of a 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago by trying to duplicate the signature of plaintiff – Paul Edalat. The alleged culprits i.e. Luberski and his employees recruited Ways Car Registration Service to submit their forged record to the Department of Motor Vehicles so as to register the car in the name of Timothy Luberski.
An incomplete and knowingly fraudulent documentation was submitted to United States Bankruptcy Trustee Weneta Kosmala by attorney Leribowitz. This was an attempt to derail the proceedings of Edalat’s bankruptcy. This is definitely an activity that will be counted as a bankruptcy fraud and there will be more investigations regarding Luberski et al that are pending.
There have been continued attempts by Leibowitz to conceal the action of his clients but Luberski has also made several attempts to make false and improper claims in the United States Federal Court and none of them have been able to produce any original purported title, according to Edalat.
Edalat also stated that Luberski is a thief and has cheated countless individuals and he also brags about putting a lot of hard working and honest people out of business in order to build his own huge empire. So Edalat said that, since I know all the truth about this guy, I won’t let him get away with it. He had to pay for all this wrongs. He even abused the court proceedings to get ahead. If the charges of bankruptcy fraud are correct then he has to be prosecuted for it. The final result is yet to be announced.
The case against him has been filed in the Orange County Superior Court on November 30, 2016. His case number is 30-2016-00889777 – CU – NP – CJC. It is assigned to a judge named Gregory H. Lewis. Edalat will be represented by the law offices of M. Candice Bryner in Irvine, California.

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