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Published: 18 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Well I dropped off two rims, wanted to purchase two new tires and have them swapped over to the rims and disposed of the old tires!! Sounds easy right, well I left the tires there at 9:00 am there was maybe 2 people in the waiting room!! I proceed to call around 12, the desk manager answers says the tires aren’t done yet, reply ” okay no problem ! Again call around 1:30 pm, now considering I’ve changed tires just on a rim before its cut and dry maybe ten min job okay! So any anyway this time I get no answer on the phone to the business!!!!!’ No answer!!!! So I proceed to drive to he business and call three more times to no avail!! So I decide to block my number and call again and what do you know they answer the phone, a shop where I am paying them for a service avoids my calls. So I say im on the way to get my rims i will have them done somewhere else, manager replies o they r done now! So somehow these low life’s weren’t answering the business phone line but when I finally get ahold of them the tires are magically done. They mistreated me and played childish games because my car was not going any where near he place because they are scam artists and that’s where they tell you everything with ur car is going bad and they charge u to fix things that aren’t broken but not time consuming for them to lose money!! So I confront he manager who picks up a walking tones attitude proceeds to tell me how she’s been scamming people for five years and she must be doing something right, threatens me and my tires, acts like she is actually worth anything to society wasting my time and the customers there. The best part is exact words from the manager says ” we r busy we have many locations we have a lot of work to do” meanwhile there is one car in the lot and one person im waiting room, and I believe there are no more locations in Pennsylvania!!!! These people are straight theives who pick on the unknowing and mistreat the smart enough to not bring their vehicle anywhere near them!!! Absolute travesty of a business and the manager there of five years was a total disgrace of a woman she was dirty, grimy, talked herself up like she needed he reassurance she wasn’t a human waste, basically a lowlife scum with a scam the police couldn’t stop, a real winner. Avoid his place at all costs .

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