Tisha Logan

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Tisha Logan is a trashy homewrecker who stalks and pursues m

This woman is a huge stalker and has been messing around with a married man since quite a while now. She just doesn’t leave him alone. He and his wife both have tried telling her to quit calling, and that they are trying to make their marriage work. She knew that he is battling with addictions and that his marriage was already in a tight space because of that. To top it all, she shows up, bringing her fat ass in the middle of their marriage. He would get better with his wife and children and not her! In fact, she constantly pressurized him to leave his 4 kids and wife for her. She is a dirty and pathetic woman who has her brain in the knees. She really doesn’t understand what she is playing with. It would be a disgrace to womanhood if she doesn’t back out and the wife has to disrupt her comfort and home due to this nasty female.
Why doesn’t she understand that the wife would still have all his money, home, kids and will still have all kinds of contact with him for as long as she wants. The only thing this homewrecker will have in her life is the endless chaos, multiple calls from jail for DUI’s and the need for a ride.

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