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Titan Mufflers & Custom Exhaust, Inc. Review

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Published: 22 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

These guys are a total scam rip off operation! I spent $680 on my exhaust, had problems with the downpipe rubbing on the firewall after replacing my motor mounts – so I took it back to get it fixed. They claim to have “lifetime warranty” on all their labor. They denied my claim initially because I didn’t have my receipt with me, “We can’t fix it, because you don’t have a receipt.” A few weeks later I found the receipt, contacted titan to have them correct my problems. I was told “bring it in and we’ll figure it out.” I brought my car AND receipt in, and was promptly told “I Know you, I told you we couldn’t fix your car cause they used the wrong part (flex pipe) and that you would have to pay to have it all redone.” On the receipt it clearly states lifetime warranty on the work, not the parts, however the kid working there told me that they “woulda been able to fix it, if my exhaust was broken or something but it’s not, it’s working” I can’t drive my car over 80mph, without my exhaust rubbing and riding on my firewall creating a massive resopnance vibration throughout my car, and the kid told me that “you’re not supposed to drive that fast anyway” (first off, you’re not a cop, and 2nd off 80mph is NOT 80 actual miles per hour, as my speedo is off, so it’s realistically like 76-77mph, I can’t take long road trips on 75MPH roads, because I can’t drive fast enough to avoid traffic piling up behind me. Point being is that these guys were paid $680 for an entire exhaust, and because the guy who did the work doesn’t work there anymore, because he was doing things incorrectly, (which titan should fix automatically due to this) I am crap out of luck, and have to repay to get my exhaust re done. They will NOT warranty parts, or fix what I have, they said it would be $200 to fix the downpipe (not even the rest of the exhaust that is rubbing on my rear axle) This place is garbage! I have a receipt, that clearly states lifetime warranty, but they do not honor it. Also, the hispanic kid who works there started talking crap about me in spanish to the older hispanic guy who works there, so I called him out on it, because I know spanish, at which time he told me to leave and that they weren’t going to help me. COMPLETE rip off, scammers!

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