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I did not feel like eating and slept at irregular hours to calm myself down.

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

There comes a time in every person’s life when they want to change all the bad things about their life – their unhealthy lifestyle, the mad partying, lack of fitness, etc. and turn all their attention and focus towards getting better in every aspect. This phase o my life came after my younger brother passed away because of liver failure due to excessive drinking. My family was devastated. I was angry at myself for not being the brother that I was supposed to be. That anger was turning me towards bad things and so I decided to channel that anger towards something positive. I wanted to do something that would not help me channel my rage but also help me be fit both physically and mentally. I decided to learn boxing and started looking for boxing clubs near me. After rejecting many places, I decided to go join the Title Boxing Club.
Although the monthly membership was expensive, I decided to join the place anyway. I did not know it then that joining that place would make my condition a lot worse. The first day I went in, I saw many people in there. I was roaming around and accidentally pushed a guy. I apologized immediately but he did not seem to care as he thought I did it intentionally. I had to step away to cool down the situation. I was shocked when I realized that the guy was our trainer. He introduced himself and gave a well-learned speech about how boxing is about bigger than all of us and only dedicated ones of us would be successful in conquering our mind. He asked all of us why we chose to learn kickboxing. When my turn came, I spoke out about how I wanted to change the way I feel about things and how I wanted to channel my rage towards learning boxing. On hearing this, the instructor sarcastically insulted me by saying that if I want to do something about the rage, I should go to a butcher’s shop. I decided not to take his words seriously and move on.
Our training started, and my instructor could not have been harder on us. He constantly insulted me and told me how I ‘box like a girl’. He even punched me to show me ‘how it is done’. All this made me angrier about it all but I decided not to give up, not yet. The instructor would constantly poke me about how I should be doing it better. Instead of being supportive and fun, he was rude and criticizing. It not only affected me mentally but also physically as in a fit of rage, I overdid my punches and hurt myself because of it. At home too, all I had was negative thoughts.
It took some time until I realized that instead of making me better, that place was bringing out the worst in me. I decided to get out of the place and join another fitness center. I would not recommend anyone to go to Title Boxing Club as that place is all about being bullied by the experienced.

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