Titus Tien

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Titus Tien is the most aggressive person I have ever come ac

I dated Titus for 2 years and we were in a live in relationship. Now Titus and I had met in a book store and from there are affair started. When we started living together I found out how aggressive he was. At times it was unbelievable. He used to threaten me to hit me or at times used to throw something at me in anger. For the first few months he was fine but later on his true colors started coming out. I was shocked.
We decided to split our bills all the time but he didn’t do it most of the time and told me he would pay me off. I never said no to him, because I loved him. Yes I was blindly in love with him. But slowly I started to hate him. He always wanted things to run his way, and when it didn’t he would get angry and furious and would hit me. When he did this for the first time, he hit me so hard that I had a black out. At a party when I got drunk, he even accused me of cheating on him but I knew I had not. I trusted my gut feelings.
When I spoke to my friends about it I came to know that actually that friend of his was trying to save me and keep me away from him because he got angry on the fact that I got drunk and he wanted to hit me again. I was not even in my senses and I wouldn’t have figured shit out if no one would have told me. I would be believing him like a stupid person and dying of the guilt that I cheated on him.
Several times we had fights, and I wanted to break up with him, and at those times he used to beg me to stay and tell me that he loved me. I stayed back because he always made up for his mistakes and because I loved him. But his anger issues and aggressiveness was at another level. He used to throw whatever came into his hand, no matter it was a damn glass. But when things got too far and I could not handle, I broke up with him. He slapped me then and I just stormed out of the house. Hitting me had become his new habit. But we finally broke up and then he later told me he cheated on me while we lived together, he laughed on me and made fun of me. This man hurt me so much even though I loved him so much. But I hate him now, I just hate him.

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