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Published: 14 October 2018

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My name is name Salman Axx, I took my son on the 12th to Costco to get him what he wanted after achieving honor roll on his report card it was a phone that he worked hard for all year. so we get to costco to add a line to my tmobile family plan…2 1/2 hours of waiting and was told by tmobile a system glitch is on my account, and it will take 2 hours for a supervisor at tmobile to fix the issue and until then they told costco to issue it as a new line and took a $10 deposit from me over the phone. they would have the issue fixed by then and all i will have to do is call them anytime after 2 hours and they would transfer the new phone number to the existing family plan. At this time Costco had closed and we were only people other than employees left in the store. my son had fell asleep on one of the lawn chairs waiting for the exciting prize he had won killing the whole moment for us. So i agreed and we walked out with his phone on a new (temporary) plan. I get home and after 2 hours by this time i thought it would be ok to call and get this out of the way. After being on hold and repeatedly being transferred from one rep to another specialist i was told that i would have to wait until sunday for the feature to be taken off and the line to be transferred the rep promised me they would call me on Sunday to make sure its all clear that phone call took 2 hours and a lott of holding and explaining the situation….which was exactly what i was told wouldn’t happen because the rep who was on the phone with us at costco notated the account……no one sees any notation , so i was left to explain over and over and over. Sunday rolls by no one calls me so i call in the late evening and i call to find out their was no ticket made and the transfers and same explaining happened for another two hours until a rep says i got it all fixed and you should see your sons number on your family plan in 2 hours….very relieved i said thank you and hung up. the next morning i check and no such transfer has been taken place! monday i talk to three more reps and transferred over and over and after one hour of holding tmobile rep gives me the same promises and tells me that he will fix it all by thursday and i won’thave to talk to anyone else he will call me back……thursday rolls by and no call! today is friday and i have talked to two reps on the phone and one rep online and they are driving me around the same story that they have to open a ticket and see and call me back……im very tired and very upset and I’m still on hold on the phone its been 5 hours I’m still waiting while I’m typing! this glitch is not my fault but i have been on hold and given numerous stories for countless hours and 7 days of frustration it s very sad I’ve been a customer for 8 years 2 years personal and 6 years business. this is very bad customer service to waste someones time and promising things that they didn’t keep! Salman Axx

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