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Published: 06 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In July of 2014, I hired a “contractor” (Todd Mullins) to remodel my master bath. He and his partner (Tyler Bailey) began the work in late August 2014. I was told the work will be done with the highest quality of workmanship and we agreed on a budget of $30-35K which includes labor, appliances, materials, plumbing, electrical and Cabinets plus painting and finish work. I purchased all materials. During the demolition phase, Mr. Bailey put holes in the adjoining closet. To this day, the closet was not repaired. After a couple weeks, Tyler Bailey quit. It’s March 2015, and the work is not done. Most of the work is amateurish. Nothing was measured correctly including expensive granite tops, shelves, draws, etc. The contractor abandoned the job in January. Additionally, he has stolen my materials, including teak wood which cost $1800. 00, wood supplies and cabinet accessories that cost $1100, a box of floor tile @ $80.00, etc. He refuses to return the items even with a demand from my attorney. Meanwhile, my attorney has has asked Mr. Mullins to provide proof of his contractor’s license. He has not provided any proof and continues to dodge the return of the items he stole. Mr. Mullins had built cabinets and draws. The draws did not fit and, because they were warped, were useless. These were made from the wood and materials that I purchased. Mr. Mullins had no idea what he was doing. Every thing requirement a measurement was measured wrong. Tile cuts were mis-measured and tile edges are ragged. The final day (in January) that Mr. Mullins showed up, he removed all the draw slides (which I bought), took them out of the home and never returned them. He later sent a text message to my wife showing a photo of my draw slides and demanded money for the return of them (blackmail). In November Mr. Mullins and agreed that one final more payment would be made upon completion. Mr. Mullins, however, abandoned the project, probably from embarrasement since nothing he created will fit. But he began demanding additional payments. I’m not sure ‘for what’, since he stopped working and most of the stuff he did make doesn’t work or fit. In the meantime, I have an estimates of $11,000 to fix all the issues that Mr Mullins has created and complete the job. Currently, I have paid Mr. Mullins over $25,000 in labor cost plus another $17,000 for materials and supplies. The additional $11K to fix and finish will put the project $18,000 over the promised budget made by Mr. Mullins. Mr. Mullin did extensive electrical wiring… but it turns out he is not licensed to do electrical work. Mr. Mullin did extensive plumbing…but it turns out that he is not licensed for plumbing. Mr. Mullin is not a licensed contractor. I don’t think he is even licensed as a handyman. .

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