Toledo Lasik and Cataract

Avoid this place if you want to save your money.

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Published: 28 June 2019

Posted by: Sebastian

Toledo Lasik and Cataract has terrible billing staff. They don’t even accept their fault. Apart from their billing staff, the rest of the staff is also comprised of thieves and liars. They double-billed me and never issued me a refund. They deducted double the amount they were supposed to, from my insurance. I’ve been facing a lot of financial problems and this just made things worse for me. I had visited the place for a Lasik procedure. The procedure was successful and all, but when I found out that I had lost thousands of dollars for no reason I was shocked. I thought it might be a simple error but if that had been the case, they would have notified me, right? Still, I had a little hope that they will handle this case properly and issue my refund without any problems. I was gravely mistaken. Because those goons never took my complaint seriously. Their staff has started calling me names. They claim that I’m the scammer who is trying to rip them off for thousands of dollars. I have literal proof of their wrongdoings but it doesn’t matter to them. They say it’s a forgery.

Toledo Lasik and Cataract isn’t a reliable place. if you are looking for a group of eye doctors then avoid these people. They aren’t your best bet. Most probably they will mess up your treatment or send you false invoices too. I didn’t find out about the double billing problem until much later. I found out when I was going through my transactions and finances. When I noticed that they had deducted a hefty sum from my insurance, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I double-checked everything to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things. But it was true. They really had taken thousands of dollars from my account without asking me or notifying me. They stole from me. I wasn’t made aware of that transaction. When I contacted those people and asked them about the payment the rep asked me about my case details. Then she asked me if I had undergone a Lasik procedure there. I told her yes because I did. Then she started questioning my complaint. She thought I had misread my finances and I was making a useless complaint. I checked with my insurance company too and when I found out that those crooks had really taken money from my account, I chose to head down to their clinic.

I had gotten an appointment with their doctor. I explained my problems to him but he started treating me like a crazy guy. He asked me to leave the place. They started treating me like I didn’t know what I was saying. Look, those people are thieves. They stole money from me and then started claiming that I was falsely accusing them. They are the ones who are lying. You might end up losing thousands of dollars too if you mistakenly trust these people.

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