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Tomco Appliance Services LLC is the worst

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Published: 06 August 2017

Posted by: Lisa C. Torres

We started doing work for Tomco Appliance Services LLC a few years ago. The first year, we didn’t have any problems. They paid us on time, and we had a good relationship with them. They missed out a few invoices in the second year, and we moved these to 2016. We assumed it was because they were waiting for tenants to pay up. Of course, I mailed them to let them know which invoices were unpaid.
This year was very bad. They didn’t pay so many invoices and they wouldn’t respond to emails either. This, it turns out, is what they do. They apparently don’t repay money to the owners and tenants. I talked to an owner and he confirmed this too. He said he was glad I had reached out to him.
Only, after a month or two, he wouldn’t respond to any of my mails either! He stopped using me as a provider. Later, Tomco mailed us again, asking for quotations for our services. Why the hell would they do this when they owed us $3,600? I’m guessing it’s because they’re running out of companies to fool and they want to try us again, to see if we would be willing to do the job for them. Anyway, the deal is that we’re a small company still. We can’t afford to continue like this. We have to pay for fuel, office personnel, parts and tech expense as it is. There isn’t a huge profit margin. But Tomco does not care. All they want is the job done. Aren’t these homeowners and tenants being ripped off as much as we are? Because they seem to be the ones paying for everything.

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