Tonia Wolfe

Tonia Wolfe is just completely crass

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Published: 11 August 2017

Posted by: Theresa J. Dawson

Tonia Wolfe is a balding middle aged woman. Everything else is an act. She will tell you that she’s new in town and she’s looking for friends. But what she really wants is to mess with married men. She’s a waitress at random bars including the Creatwood Tavern. She gives out her phone number to men regularly. Men she knows are married, whose families are close by, even. But she will justify everything she does and blame it on the men in the end, if you confront her about it. She’s hardly ever sober, by the way. And she does pot.
She brands herself as a good cook and a dog lover from the countryside. But what she is is a cheap, low class woman. She will have sex with anyone. And she manipulates men like you wouldn’t believe. She probably drinks so much so she doesn’t ever have to deal with all the guilt. But nothing changes the fact that she’s destroyed families and continues to destroy more. She sits around and fantasizes about which man she can trap next, if she isn’t drinking. She may come across as a confident Yankee girl. But what she is is a slut.

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