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Published: 03 February 2018

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I met Tony Campbell at Fitness Today back in the early 2000 as he was a member of the gym I worked for, doing personal training. At that time we developed a casual friendship. In 2006 I left that gym and opened my own private studio where I offer fitness group training. 15; margin-top: 0pt; margin-bottom: 0pt;”” dir=””ltr””>I lost touch with Mr. Campbell but crossed paths with him again late summer 2010. Tony shared his new business venture Shop To Help Others an online shopping mall that supported charities with each purchase. I said, “Wow what a great idea!”, Tony said they were looking for a few people to be investors on the ground floor of this new money making venture. Before I set the meeting up with my parents, Tony wanted me to meet his partner at the time, Karl Wall. We meet at the Olive Garden restaurant in Winston Salem. At the meeting Karl shared his story of past success in business and his vision of how Shop To Help Others was going to change the world one purchase at a time. I asked him if they were building a email list and he quickly said NO! Well, that was my first big RED FLAG as I have been taught that the 1 thing was to build a big email list of qualified people (potential buyers). More on that in a minute. Quick side note…I should have know better as the saying goes, “Anything that sounds to good to be true….”, you know what I’m saying. Even though I found it strange that they were not collecting email addresses I set up a meeting with Tony Campbell and my parents at the Applebee’s restaurant in Winston Salem, NC so my folks could hear about this awesome money making business venture Tony was offering. At the end of the lunch meeting my parents were very impressed with Tony Campbell and his idea make them a huge return on their investment that seemed like at the time a worthy cause. As Tony said they were working with big companies like the Ronald McDonald House, Richard Petty, Coca-Cola just to name a few. He was offering single shares for $50,000 per share. He promised my parents verbally and in writing that if they invested $50,000 with him he would give them 24 month money back no-risk guarantee if Shop To Help Others had not paid them back their full $50,000 investment. We are not the only ones who invested with Tony Campbell and Shop To Help Others. Luckley Tony shared a bit of information with me after my parents invested with him that day in the parking lot of AppleBee’s. He showed me another black 3 ring binder with name Thomas Ed Hardie on the outside…said I was not supposed to know this but shared it with me anyway. Thank you Tony because I was able to remember and was able to track down Mr. Hardie to hear his story. He too has a similar story but I’ll let him share his story in his own words on the private Facebook LIKE page we’ve set up for others to share their stories. Of course Tony Campbell never delivered on his word to send my parents or to Ed Hardie the quarterly financial statements as he promised my parents repeatedly. Nor did Tony call my parents with updates to let them know how their $50,000 investment was doing. Oh, I think he did call my dad…once to say something but I think he realised quickly my dad was not buying what he was trying to sale…””My word is…..?”” LOL In a normal online business a company would collect emails to build a huge list to market to. Just like Amazon would do..When you make a purchase on their site they send you a follow up email thank you for your order and another email confirming your purchase. There’s no need to try to reinvent the wheel in the internet marketing world right? I was taught…You build a big list, service the list and create a back-end for you list. Meaning your offer them something of value on the backend to buy.

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