Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins - Sexual Predator and Serial Abuser

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Published: 07 July 2019

Posted by: Whiskey Cavaliar

My Story

One fine day busy watching TV and TV commercial of 30 minutes struck in the name of Tony Robbins. Anthony Robbins aka Tony Robbins is the biggest fish in the business of motivational speaking and as a self-help Guru. As I kept watching, my husband came running and instantly popped up the question, “Do you know who he is?” I was like yeah of course though truthfully; I dint know much about him except his reputation as a motivational speaker. My husband replied telling me that he watched his Netflix documentary and how it turned out to be a life changing experience and he, an awesome guy and asking me to watch his documentary and giving him a chance! I yelled at him saying never, no way but you know as they say relationships are full of compromises! I agreed and we watched halfway through, the guy Tony Robbins dint seem so bad but never imagined in my weirdest dreams two months later standing in front of the guy and walking on fire. Yes, you read it right. A Walk on fire!! It sounds cult like and yes, I did walk on Fire and injured and hospitalized.

Thanks to a BOGO special that I signed up and was offered to attend Tony Robbins’ Unleash Your Power Within seminar in Dallas, Texas. I thought it was going to be a casual weekend thing where you listened to him speak, maybe had a few introspective conversations with yourself, did some networking and that was it. And there I was wrong. His 50 hours long sessions, four days in total made me think to back out at once. 

On day one, I arrived 3 hours late and as soon as I entered the auditorium, I was shocked to see the decorum. Around 16000 people were jumping up and down screaming on the top of their lungs. I somehow found a seat next to my husband and there he was with a giant grin and gruffy voice! This is what people are meant to be doing at Tony Robbins event. They listen to him speak and then every 20, 30, minutes pop up when they hear the loud pop music play and jump up and down, with their hands in the air, Whoosh and scream. Even though I was feeling awkward and not in the mood to jump and scream, the sight off around 16000 people jumping and screaming makes it look weird for no reason. Then by midnight, it was optional though to walk across fire, around 16000 people waited to happen it atlast. And as soon as my turn came, the man next to me shouted and there I zoomed in and walked on fire, injuring myself and hospitalized.

 Tony also makes you get to the proximity of the people you sit next to. It’s the strangest feeling sitting very close next to your neighbour as if massaging in an awkwardly manner for a longer period of time. 

Although this was not Tony’s fault, the venue wouldn’t allow outside food. So here we were attending his sessions from 9 till midnight with no food and the only food you can buy was the one which was overpriced and unhealthy. Tony calls this event as a kindergarten level where there’s a lot of time spent at the event being upsold to go to other events or get coaching. Tony charges a whooping amount of $1 million for private one on one coaching and around $10000 for other events. It was an overall Cult experience I’ve ever had.

 Coming back to Tony Robbins Fraud revealed, the guy is everywhere on TV these days with 30 and 60 minute infomercials. With such exposure, people tend to ask, “Is Tony Robbins a scam, fraud or for real?” Tony Robbins uses the two main techniques to get people to do what he wants. These techniques are Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Ericksonian hypnosis.


Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is presented as a fast way to get results in psychological therapy. He also uses fire walking and other devices as metaphors to convince people that anything is possible. Tony Robbins encourages students of his program to ‘fake till you make it.’

Ericksonian hypnosis is the scariest teaching of Tony Robbins wherein it’s a way to induce

trance without the subject’s knowledge, they are hypnotised and planted a suggestion.

Tony Robbins was slammed on social media for the comments he made during a seminar about Me Too Movement.

Now this footage shows Robbins talking to a crowd in San Jose, California denouncing the movement.


Tony Robbins says Women are using Me Too to make themselves significant but in this video clip, the brave sexual abuse survivor called him out.

These are the listed legal issues and controversies Tony Robbins has undergone as per referred on Wikipedia: