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Published: 09 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This job is door to door sales, which is not advertised or talked about in the job advertisement. Chris Roberts, the companies president and my interviewer, had the nerve to tell me At&t couldn’t afford to pay their door to door sales people a small base salary for their time and gas in addition to commission and then went on to try to convince me that their sales people “didn’t deserve” a base salary because that meant he and AT&T would be losing money then. He made it clear that the time, gas, and effort put out by the sales person on behalf of AT&T was worth “nothing” unless they made a sale and was more concerned with AT&T losing money for paying their employees fairly than the employees actually having any stability in their checks or quality of life. He outright lied to me. We all know AT&T is not unable to pay their workers what they are worth- they just don’t want to give away any profit because they are greedy and do NOT care about their employees quality of life at all! I was extremely disturbed to find out that in person he is exactly what the online reviews said about him, concieted, rude, unaware of the big picture, a con artist, and a liar. The minute I said I wanted a full time job with a small base salary plus commission he went on a rampage trying to convince me that I didn’t deserve that. I have done sales for a long time and I am VERY disappointed to see how AT&T views and treats their own employees that have made them the profit they have today. It’s digusting that they are getting away with basically gathering slaves. Very unprofessional and his looks towards me were definately sexually harrassing. He is gross. Yes, I have a curvy in shape body but I’m applying for a job, not to be his mistress, so why then was he looking me up and down like a piece of meat! I wouldn’t work under this man if they did give me base salary because he is so conceited, doesn’t listen to people or care what they have to say, he just thinks he is right about everything. It’s a total scam. I’ve always been the leading salesperson at every job I’ve ever done. As soon as he made it clear how he and the company felt about their employees, I walked out. He was the worst interviewer I have ever had to deal with. His questions were confused. He did not seem in control. I was fully disgusted. I pity anyone who works for this company. Don’t be fooled- AT&T doesn’t care about their workers at all. .

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