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Published: 29 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I started out with the branch in dayton, ohio only two guys.. I was looking to buy a home, the first guy I got was good at first, then he just became really difficult to deal with. I am a vet, I was utilizing my VA home loan. I sent in all of the paperwork correctly. After the first interaction he just wanted me to use a different loan. He even went to the extent of telling me that I didnt qualify for the VA loan, supposidly he spoke with the processor and that I was not a vet “it would take awhile to make it happen”. I had him on speaker phone with my dad in the car at the time(another vet). I stated “if this loan is not going to be VA, then I cant do it”. He said okay called back 3 minutes later, “oh hey, yeah they just sent me an email your a vet”!! My dad was like who is this idiot? .. Not a big deal, the sellers on that property would not go through with it. So I lost inspection fees, time and everything.. Then we went for another house, but I got a different broker a guy in cleveland “bart”, I thought that it would be easier to keep the same agency. Nonetheless it just got worse. The broker from cleveland thought that he was something special. It was rough dealing with him. I literally did all of the paperwork through fax, and email. He explained nothing, then came back with a good faith estimate that was $600.00 dollars higher then the other guy in dayton bill, for a home that was was 40k less. I was like whatever lets close.. I’m at work, he informs me that we were supposed to close on friday, I call him early in the week, “hey bart, where are we at?” Cleveland broker bart:” your golden!!!” Yeah so said that for 5 weeks of fridays looking back I dont know what I could have done different. He was always like yeah were good just dotting the “i’s”.. It wasnt until the sellers agent called me and apologized for how terrible top flite has treated me. So later I found out that he as on vacation when we were supposed to close, but he was creating emails from the agents while he was on vacation sending them to me saying that they (agents) were dropping the ball “not doing their jobs”. He was working as hard as he could. Yeah so didnt close on that one either. Lost my money again!!! Then the jerkoff has the balls to call me up and say “I cant stall anymore man” … what the hell. I never told you to start you shitbag you went on vacation when we were supposed to close.. lol Water under the bridge bottom line, not one broker but two brokers within the same state are worthless.. From my personal experience I would go with a different agency.. These guys suck, I dont think either one of them graduated high school, but they’ll tell you how great they are. lol I lost two houses a lot of time and money and stress, I mean a lot of bullsh* for nothing.. .

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