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Top Notch Tactical Surplus Review

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Published: 20 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I placed on online order with Top Notch Tactical on Friday 21st, December 2012. I received an email confirmation and was not informed by the order that it was back ordered – that information was relayed to me by phone after I called a month later to inquire about my order. Lady on the phone was very nice, could not give me a date of delivery, but said that she expected it soon. As the months rolled by, I would call every now and then and get the same story – item is in production, should have it soon. Then they stopped answering the phone… as I naturally started getting very nervous about the transaction, I looked up my credit card statements to find that they had charged me the full price at the time of the order, so now I’m out $1060.30 with no way to resolve it. After many phone calls, emails, etc I finally track down Alan Handl (my order confirmation, by the way, is from Alan Handl) through his new company Handle Defense. I called and talked to a man who originally identified himself as Alan Handl. Once he found out what the nature of my call was (basically send me the product or refund me) he all of a sudden changed tune and said that he was not Alan Handl, just someone that worked there. I have given this theif every chance to make this right, and he absolutely refuses. Don’t do any business with anyone named Alan Handl or you run the risk of getting scammed as well. .

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