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Published: 05 May 2019

Posted by: Angie

Dr Olmstead from Topsail Dental is a total jackass! He is going to ruin your teeth with his moronic approach towards dental health. I had a small gap between my front teeth and it made me look a little goofy. Being in a competitive work environment was not helping my self-esteem either, so I decided to get some cosmetic dentistry from Topsail Dental. I searched about them on Google to find out what other people think about them, and all I could see was good and excellent reviews. This convinced me to check them out and book an appointment. I chose Topsail Dental mainly because it was the nearest one from my house and the reviews helped me make a better decision. Soon after reaching the clinic I was greeted by the rude employees on the front desk. The receptionist had a dead look on her face and didn’t even reply to my “Hi”. My appointment was on for 4:30, but I came an hour earlier to make sure that I don’t miss it. I even cancelled a date because of this appointment. The time came for my appointment but the doctor was not “available” and the receptionist told me that I should go home and book another appointment sometime later. But I had already paid for this appointment and when I told the receptionist about the advanced payment she told me that she can only refund me 50% of the original payment because I was not able to cancel it beforehand!!! WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCKERY DUDE??!!?! It was not MY fault that the doctor was not present, I came a whole fucking hour earlier than I was supposed to, just to make sure that I don’t miss this fucking appointment and that bitch just told me to get the fuck out! I was frustrated as fuck, as I don’t even have a great insurance plan and I was paying for most of it by cash. I politely asked her how long would the doctor take to come to the clinic and she whispered, “You are a sticky one aren’t you” this was really disturbing and insulting because I was totally polite with her and she was taunting me. She ignored my question the first time and then when I asked her the question the second time she said,” I don’t know man, maybe he will never come, why don’t you just go and go to another clinic” This was the worst reply a person could give in this situation! I decided to wait for the doctor for another hour after which I had enough and I took my 50% and went away. Topsail Dental is THE WORST place you can go to. They are just stealing money from people. Not only that, one of my friends recently went there and they installed low-quality veneers on his teeth, which caused a fucking infection.

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