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Easy Come, Easy Go- That’s the way Money works, in the world of thugs.

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Published: 23 August 2017

Posted by: Marvin T. Kennedy

Topstep Trader (TST) is Brokerage Company that provides a funded trading account to those who want to do futures trading without using their own capital. In January 2016, I started off with a month-long Trading Combine account which gave me the opportunity to trade in a simulated environment. A monthly fee has to be paid to use this account. Once you meet the Combine objective, you can prepare for the Funded Account and start trading with real capital.
I thought of mastering the art of making big money using these free funds. What a wonderful strategy to get rich! I followed all the rules and regulations and placed safe bets, so that I could quickly qualify to be a professional trader. I used to end up making about 200-300 dollars in profits every single day. After I completed 3 weeks, I noticed that after my trading activity was over, my gains were reset. When I contacted TST, I was told that I am not supposed to trade this type of market. My gains were reset on the grounds of breaking the rules. I understood that inspite of my good performance; these crooks want me to continue with the Trading Combine, so that they could coax me to pay the monthly account charges for another month.
So I decided to discontinue my account with Topstep Trader; I will be better off with another brokerage. I am appalled at the various tricks such business use to siphon off our hard earned money. FUCK YOU!!! Topstep trader- Where talent meets opportunity. It’s better to be safe than sorry!!!

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