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Published: 10 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I bought the 5-license package. Installation was supposed to be a breeze, but to sweeten the deal the first install offered free tech support. I’m pretty tech savvy, having successfully built two custom PCs. But, I couldn’t do the initial install by myself. In fact, I couldn’t do the 2nd or 3rd install either. At least, they didn’t charge me. Tech support couldn’t do the 3rd install, either. They blamed it on my computer: too many critical registry errors. they offered to fix the registry errors and install the software for $170. I knew that I could install a whole new operating system for less, so I declined. Very concerned about the health of the computer, I looked at the registry scan done by the technician and left on my computer. There were about 120 registry errors, all labeled non-critical. There is a big difference between critical and non-critical. So, I am disappointed that I cannot install the software on one of my computers. But I am incensed that the tech exaggerated my registry errors and tried to use that exaggeration to sell me a repair at a cost greater than the value of the registry being repaired. Sounds like the proverbial dishonest car repairman. I’m done with Total Defense. .

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