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The only thing they care about is MONEY MONEY MONEY!

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Published: 08 May 2019

Posted by: Roy

Please go to any place other than the Towncrest Dental clinic. I strongly recommend that you avoid this particular clinic if you are a human and like to be treated like one. You would regret every penny you spend here because you will later find out that they charged you thrice as much as any other dental clinic. I had a really frustrating and humiliating experience at this one. Maybe there was some misunderstanding between the employees or maybe they did not make the invoice properly, I was unable to make the full payment of their service at that immediate moment (that was not necessary but I still wanted to do it), but I believe that I gave them the full payment. But instead of simply asking me for it, they sent my case to the ruthless collections people. The collections company started harassing me over the phone, they called me the whole day and they even came to my fucking house at 8 in the morning. I called the front desk and tried to resolve the issue, but NO ONE WAS PICKING UP THE PHONE! I called them dozens of times, but every time no one picked up the call, eventually, I went to the clinic and resolved the issue myself. I thought that this issue was taken care of and I would have nothing to worry about now, but I was totally WRONG. I tried to make a dental appointment a couple of weeks later, however, the front desk lady told me that I have been BANNED from Towncrest Dental’s services and I could NEVER USE THEM. I asked her why was this and she told me that is because I didn’t pay the full amount in time and all the customers whose bills go to the collection company, are banned! I was a little offended because I behaved in the best way possible during this whole bullcrap situation. I did not lose my temper when I was called endlessly, I didn’t abuse any of the staff, and yet I was the one getting banned from this place. I’m a very nice guy and have a good salary, I don’t steal money from the people deserve it, I pay all my bills and don’t stay in debt. I am sad to write this post but this is the real side of the harsh world. I haven’t been treated with such bad behaviour in my whole adult life and I would advise each and every one of you to think a hundred times before getting an appointment at Towncrest Dental. They have a hostile environment and they DO NOT WELCOME THEIR CUSTOMERS. They don’t know how to be friendly and are just freaking robots! I would strongly advise you, people, to go to better establishments instead of this shit hole. Treating their customer like garbage and banning him from using their services is very insulting and humiliating.

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