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Not at all helpful customer service

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Published: 11 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Five years back, I purchased a Toyota car and it serviced me well for 4 years. I had genuinely purchased this car because my father told me that Toyota is very fuel efficient and has a long life. Its durability is really long. The car worked smooth for 4 years and now it is starting to give me troubles. I have tried normal mechanics and they fix the problem for time being, and a week and a half later it starts giving the same problem again. Last time I went to the mechanic he said that now I should get the part replaced at together. So, for spare parts I went to Renton Toyota. They promise the best services for any Toyota products. I went to them a million times put they were never free to listen to me. And so never lodged a complaint for me. I had to tell them so many times. I asked if I could talk to the manager and their manager is always on duty and never available for customers. They finally took my complaint into consideration only after two months of me going there and telling them about my car. I can’t understand what took them so long to listen to my complaint. Its not like they did anything after that about the car. They just kept telling me how this spare part needs to be delivered to them. And that they will fix my car as soon as that piece reaches their garage. They didn’t do anything permanent for fixing my car… they just did what the mechanics did before and told me that they changed the part. And told me it is now going to be fine but well it is not and I an having trouble with it again now.

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