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Published: 24 September 2018

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Briefly, the assignment was to cash postal money order and complete bank evaluation. Go to Wal Mart and make a purchase. Remaining money order balance less $150.00 fior payment as mystery shopper assignment was to then be wired to Smooth J. Robert in Chicago, Illinois through Western Union Victorville California I received a Priority mailing envelope at my residence address. Inside was a typewritten one sheet paper with instructions as a Mystery Shopper assignment and a postal money order in the amount of $985.00. The sheet indicated my assignment was to cash the money order at the bank and prepare a bank evaluation to include information of what the particulars of the transaction were. With the case I was to claim $150.00 of that money as my pay for completing the remainder of the assignment. Next, I was to make a purchase from Wal Mart and not to exceed $30.00 for my purchase. The remaing funds were to be wired through Western Union to Smooth J. Robert at 1829 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. The money order was signed by Shawn Conne, 13600 Mica Avenue, Victorville, California. Upon sending the wire transfer I was to pay out of the remaing funds the fee for sending. The typed written sheet which was a part of the directions included a breakdown on what to do with the money and how and where to effect the assignment. I took the money order to a local bank and opened an account for checking and deposited the total check. The next day I removed all of the funds except fifty dollars ($50.00). When I went online to transfer more funds into the account I discovered my account was debited the money I deposited and was charged a transaction fee. I am livid. This was a new account I opended and now I owe a fee in addition to the monies I withdrew. I am a Senior Citizen, retired, living on a fixed income and have been scammed. I am extremely upset……………………now what?

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